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  1. 👋 Hello Can anyone tell me how long you need to take valtrex for before it really starts working? I’m specifically talking about for lowering transmission rates. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Hello! Not sure I’m doing this right but hi I’m new to all of this and wondering if anyone on here lives in the New England area? I’m looking for people to talk to who understand what’s going on. Get in touch if you’re in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or anywhere around the area. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the advice here! I feel like I’ve got some good info. Really though I don’t know if I can bring myself to sleep with her even if the chance is 75% In favor of it not being passed..... That last 25% is pretty high
  4. Hey, yes she knows that I have hsv2 and so far we have not had sex. I’m not in a big hurry to do so as I would feel terrible if she got it from me. Just trying to weigh the options. Many thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice here. I’m trying to navigate sleeping with someone who is hsv2 negative. What about valtrex does everyone out there take it who is with someone who is negative? Thanks 🙏
  6. Thank you for the info! So does this mean condoms should be used for oral sex? Or is it only dangerous during an outbreak? Trying yo be educated and careful here. thanks
  7. Hello everyone! My question is can someone who is hsv negative get hsv2 from oral sex with someone hsv2 positive? Is this something we need to worry about? Thanks in advance!
  8. Haha thanks, I’ve had H for 2 years almost 3 to answer your question. Does careful mean condoms and valtrex? Just condoms?
  9. Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me out a little. Okay so I have genital hsv2, do I need to worry about sleeping with someone who has genital hsv1? Will I have another OB like the first one I had? I’d rather not have that experience ever again thank you very much. Can someone help me out with this? I’m trying to navigate who I can potentially consider for dating. Thank you! This forum has been really helpful.
  10. Smoking, stress, exhaustion. Taking lysine has helped me.
  11. Hello, male here living in New England would definitely like someone to talk to male or female. Near or far doesn’t matter. Thanks all!
  12. Hey Uncertainty, this is an easy one: go get tested. Herpes can take a lot of different forms and people react differently to the virus. You can be certain what is going on if you get a test and they are easy to get and fast and not that expensive. Best of luck!
  13. Hi, do you're friends know that you have H? Or not? I guess if they do it's pretty easy to ask as it's just about being polite. If they don't it's going to be a little harder! I know what you mean though, it can be hard to listen to. -C
  14. Hello, so I took Valtrex for a little while but I didn't really notice that it did any good for the frequency of my outbreaks so I stopped. I didn't experience any itchiness but that might mean you're having a mild allergic reaction to the medicine. Again, I'm not a doctor but that's just my guess. Has it helped you?
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