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Suppression therapy isn't working, I've had herpes frequently for nearly a year

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I got diagnosed in July 2017 which was devastating and a massive shock for me.


Since I got diagnosed, I have had frequent outbreaks. When I got diagnosed, I started aciclovir for a week and it seemed to clear up for a couple of weeks but since then I have been on and off for months.

One week I will be fine then the next I will have another outbreak.


I started suppression therapy around January/February time, hoping that it would solve my problems but it hasn't. I woke up last week with the worst pain down there and today I have new sores and I am in agony. Has anyone else had problems with suppression where it isn't working because I seem to be the only one? Everytime I have a flare up, I go really depressed because it has been almost a year now and nothing has really been solved for me. I now can't see a doctor until next week but each time I go, they don't seem to have a solution for me.


Another problem I used to have was nerve pain in my legs and feet. I used to experience like a sun burn/ 'shingle' like sensation on my toes and feet which would gradually move up to my leg to my groin and stomach and whenever I got this pain, the next day I would have a flare up. When I went to the GP and STI clinic (multiple times), all doctors have said they have never heard of this before but I know that it is connected to my herpes as I never experienced it before hand and it only happens when I get an outbreak. Does anyone else experience this?


Just hoping that there are other people out there that are experiencing similar problems and I hope I haven't become immune to medication.


Also; I have been tested for every STI and infection 4 times since being diagnosed (and frequently before that) just to make sure that I have nothing else so I do not have any other underlying STI. I have also been checked for B12, gluten, liver function etc in regards to the burning sensation and all of my results were negative for any problems.


For me, this is the most frustrating and challenging thing I've ever had to go through. I have had multiple sexual partners and practised safe sex and the one time that a partner didn't wear protection, I got herpes. Fed up :(

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The never pain is herpes many people have this issue including myself. The doctors haven’t done enough research and don’t know enough about it which is why they don’t associate nerve pain with herpes and also the reason why they can’t do anything when you go. I say the meds are harmful to your immune system

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I have the same exact issues. Doctors seems to have no answer except for antivirals which are now working less and less. I'm at the point where I dont really know what to do anymore because its ruining my life and my relationship.


I feel the exact same. It's never-ending.


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Same here. I had HSV2 for 15+ years and the weird burning sensations all over my body for the past 6-7 month. My obgyn said the virus lives in the nerves. That could be causing the weird nerve sensations. Which kind of makes sense. It's driving me crazy cause nothing makes it go away. Excedrin helps a little to take the edge off a bit and so does Valtrex for me. Excedrin gives me horrible stomach pain though, so it's not a great solution for me.

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Now that you talk about it, I also have a new strange sensation on my left leg, like if some "bolts" of energy leaked that way... strange, herpes-related or just paranoia? i don't know.


During the first 6 months I had recurrent outbreaks, one per month. However this has stopped following a "super healthy recharging program" of my own creation.


Healthy foods and supplements are a life-saver for me. I tend to think that medication works best when other factors are in place - specially good nutrition and supplements.


I would take extra care in that department, and see if, combined with the medication, the sinergy of both actions helps keeping the virus at bay.


If you smoke or drink, this can create problems too, so I would prepare myself to stop those bad habits in the first place.


Reducing stress, keeping hydrated, reading a book, taking some green tea or just hanging out will help - everything that makes you happy is a plus against the virus.


The best moments for the virus to appear are during stressy times, a low inmune system period, or an acidic body (drink natural lemon juice to correct the acidity), etc.


We have to reduce those "optimal" situations when the virus thrive - and the best way to do so is keeping a relaxed long-term mindset, and taking the healthy nutrition route.


I would bet for that strategy, and see if the medication gets its grip against the virus under those better, healthier conditions.


All the best,

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