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1 thing that bothers me ..

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It’s only one thing that bother me when comes to genital herpes.... when I’m old like 70-80 will I be breaking out more because my immune system will probaly be weaker sometimes the thought that 40-60 years from now I will have this and this nothing to do about it l, that’s why idk how people can just pass this on like it’s nothing I hate the thought that I might breakout out down there when I’m old I don’t wanna have to have those worries :/

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You could see it that way.

You could also stress about the fact that herpes has been linked to Alzheimer's.

Or you could die in a car accident tomorrow.

Or a meteor could desteoy the planet next year.


Truth is, we only get to worry about living to be 70 years old because we were lucky enough to be born in the modern era. Another thousand years, and people will be stressing about turning 200 and the mortgage prices on mars.


Live the best you know how so that when you do live to be 80 years old, you'll still be doing jumping jacks and not worried about out-living your retirement savings.

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I might be mistaken about which school, but I think Princeton did a study that corellated herpes with Alzheimer's. However, another school debated the correlation due to the prevalence of herpes in people of the age where Alzheimer's becomes an issue. Herpes is very common, and is hard to correlate to any health effects in the long term due to so many coincidental variables.

The bottom line I read up on way back in the day (we're talking 2010 or earlier) was that it would make sense for a virus that attacks nerves and moves along nerve pathways to effect brain function eventually. But that brain function would deteriorate eventually, regardless of pathogens present.


Basically, even when humans are extending life through medical practice and robot legs and such, our brains will only operate so well for so long. So the slow, long term effects of something like herpes is either non-existent, or much too subtle to study yet.


I was just throwing out perposterous scenarios to emphasize that fear is both a fact of life, and a matter of imagination. The more creative you are, the more you have to fear. Likewise, the more creative you are, the more you realize the futility of wrapping yourself up in bubble wrap and wearing a tinfoil hat.

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I believe that life sucks for everybody at some time. However if we are able to get up and walk outside, it doesn't suck that bad. MsTanya, go volunteer to help at a food bank or homeless shelter. I assure you after your visit you won't feel that life sucks...


I hope you have a better day....

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That's the anxiety talking...It is really hard to get away from. I'm old too so for me not to dwell is almost impossible, but i try each day. I think that time is the answer at least for me. I honestly don't even think about it ever. When i get an outbreak it doesn't really interfere with my routine. I tell my wife and move on. Not sure where you live but im by the ocean and the saltwater really helps me. Seems to make everything fo away both mentally and physically ....


Rest is always good but please try not to isolate yourself. Even chatting on these forums helps. Everyone here completely relates to everything your going thru and having been there, looking on the other side, it's all good......The anxiety goes far far away.

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So I used to work in hospice; end of life medical care. Most patients on hospice are elderly and very very frequently their medical chart indicated that the patient has HSV. Keep in mind HSV was usually one of a laundry list of about 20+ health issues most of our elderly patients had. Basically when you live that long, every part of your body is literally falling apart/failing. HSV is the least of your issues in advanced age. I'm with RegularGuy on this one; there's no point in worrying about HSV for that point in your life!!


BTW working for hospice and getting to hear elderly patients many regrets at end of life (as well as getting to hear the rare individual who feels they lived a great life and has no regrets; sadly they are not as common) gave me a whole new perspective on many things in life... maybe I'll write a post on that sometime. The very abbreviated version of what I learned from the dying is: live your life NOW while you have your health and your physical abilities and don't waste too much time worrying because none of it really matters in the end.


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I thought the same thing. Because I am new to this and I am 53 years old. The first thing that popped in my head.. was will I be in a nursing home somewhere and no one knows I have it and helps me take care of myself.


See how the minds goes when you hear something, upsetting or something you never thought you would. I just found out two weeks ago, so still processing things. But, I am feeling better and when all the negative pops in my head..I do the best I can to run it right back outta there.

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