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I've Had HS2 for 7 years and SO WHAT

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I remember when i first contracted this BS disease. It spun me out into the deepest depression ever and i felt like it defined who i was. I felt dirty, sad,depressed and almost like who could ever love me. It really was one of the hardest things i ever went thru and it was going on while i was at the end of a nasty divorce....I was a faithful husband of 10 years and my second adventure out as a newly single man put a end to my newly found freedom.....Or so i thought....To be sure I needed to get blood work done.


I went to a seedy clinic in a not very nice part of town because i didn't want anyone to know. It came back positive. I stayed home and cried. I drank to much thinking it would make my feelings go away which it doesn't. I was moody and i think really really pissed off.


But this is what i learned....When i realized what i actually have is nothing to be ashamed about, I stopped dwelling. When i was able to say the word Herpes out loud i realized that I am defining myself. I am the one bringing on the sadness and shame. I dated a few months later and let my partner(s) know before we were at the romantic stage. Sometimes it was game over and others times it wasn't. Fast forward 6 years later and I am a married man with a beautiful 5 year old daughter.


I still have an outbreak or 3 every year but I understand and know how to deal with it. The outbreaks last 2-3 days. My wife could care less because she loves me. I remember reading other stories about living with Herpes and i thought there is no way I can handle this but I Can and so can everyone else that contracts this stupid virus. The beginning is hard but you will get thru it. The first few outbreaks really suck. They made me ache and tired and sometimes they hurt. But they passed and as time went on they were less and less bothersome to now they are just a minor nuisance. Being with friends is very important. Try not to isolate yourself. Talk is cheap because i did isolate myself for 2 months. Be active...Go to dinner, happy hour or a walk on the beach. Dog parks are awesome when you feel down. Try not to get caught up in all the so called miracle cures out there. I spent so much money and promised cures that never amounted to anything.


Stay positive. Volunteer time for a local charity. Have a glass of wine or a beer...or a coke...!!!



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Thanks for sharing that!

There is so much misery and fear in so many of the threads here. Understandably, once someone recovers from the initial onslaught of shame and fear, they move on.

It's great to have someone post about the long term impact of Herpes. Not just to point out that things will be okay, but to touch on the realizations that helped you to overcome the initial struggle following diagnosis.

So many people seem to believe they won't get to experience the great things you get to experience.

If you care to stick around, could you help share with others the importance of seeing the good in themselves, disclosure, and focusing on how good the future will be when fear and shame don't control their decisions?

It's a bit of a task to do it, but there are people who are really hurting, really confused that come here needing reassurance. We always appreciate a returning member who can answer the really important question and give personal advice about how to heal.

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During the first 2 years, i would take Valtrex whenever a breakout was happening. I would also take Lysine supplements and try to stay away from red wine, coffee and chocolate, all which i really really like. It was tiring trying to manage so much so i stopped all the micro managing.


If i had a really bad outbreak, I would take the Valtrex which sped up the healing. But i went back to my normal life. We all know when we are about to have an outbreak; i feel it in my legs. They become ache and weak. That would be when i begin my Valtrex until the episode would be over. In the beginning I would have outbreaks that would last 30 days. That was interesting....ugh....


I use to have upward of 10 outbreaks a year in the beginning. Now i'm down to 1 every 6 months that usually last 2-3 days.


I believe the mental side is the worse part of this. Itching sucks...But worrying is far more toxic. Just remember that everybody has something going on. Nobody is perfect. It could be financial, family, lack of family, taxes, health or whatever . Everyone feels something is wrong with their life at some time. But if herpes is the only minor health issue any of us have, we should be so lucky.


Millions and Millions of people in the USA and abroad have this. Live your life like this isn't a rehearsal. There are families and kids that need our help. I find by helping others, it always makes me feel better as a person and lightens my load of burdens. Try it out.


As for your question, "Do i take daily suppressive?".....No :) :) :)

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I'm still a guy..lol..I am new here and feel like i want to help everyone that is new to this. I know the feeling of despair and hopelessness because i too went thru it and now i could care less that i have herpes. I just want to express to others that it will get so much better.


It is not a factor whatsoever in my life.....I actually know 3 couples in our circle of friends that all have it....And nobody gives a darn...

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I came on a couple of months ago but I stay off for awhile until I need someone to talk too. I haven't told anyone but my husband. Sometimes I'm ok then other times I want to die. I try to stay strong for my sons but its hard. Thanks for being positive on the post because right now I need that. I have only had a few outbreaks that I noticed since I found out so I really don't know how long I have. Its so hard knowing this.

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Its a skin disorder...You need to keep that in perspective. You cannot die from herpes. You can itch like crazy, but it will go away. And fyi ocean water is awesome for an outbreak. It numbs everything.....


I personally think its the stigma that society has put on this disease. Its' taboo to even say the word herpes best how many people have it??? millions.... Once your truly educated about it, i think you'll see its not that big of a deal. Its actually a really smart virus....Thats part of the problem.


You sound like you have an awesome support system at home. Embrace it. Go do something fun with the kids. Go have date nite with your man....My wife and i are doing the same tomorrow night and we both have herpes.....And......?????

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Update...I still have HS2.....And i still don't care....Hopefully this made somebody laugh!


This totally made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your journey Seastar. It really does make a difference for me when I jump on the forum for some mental support. Today's a rough day for me...so this was good. :)

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