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I have never felt this amount of pain except labour and I have done nothing but cry...

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I am on day 4 of my first outbreak but 3 days into taking valacyclovir. I’m on 1000 mg x2 a day for 10 days. I’m also taking Lysine 3000 mg daily. Aside from being horribly ashamed I am in the most pain of my life. I have not left my bedroom in 3 days and if I’m not sleeping I’m crying in so much pain and pounding my pillow. I don’t know which type yet as I’m awaiting confirmation from my doctor.


Today (day 4) I looked in my mouth and noticed white stuff in the back of my throat but no pain but the nodes are swollen! This is new! I have a ton (probably 6 or 7) sores around my anus that have burst and the pain is unbearable. This is weird because I’ve never had anal sex before or done anything anal wise. I’ve been taking Advil but it’s not doing anything. I can pee fine without pain but I can’t wipe. I’ve had 3 baths with Epsom salts and attempted to put on diaper rash creme which made me scream bloody murder. I’ve tried aloe, lanocane (not sure if it’s written correctly), witch hazel, Vaseline and honestly everything that touches the spots near my anus makes me scream. I only have two or three by my labia and they do not hurt as much as the other area.


Now that they have burst how long until it starts scabbing over?! I can’t take this pain and I’ve already missed two days of work because I can’t walk or sit. I have to lay pantless with a pillow between my legs to open up to make sure my butt cheeks don’t touch :( this is awful and I never wish this on anybody. Please tell me it gets better. I keep seeing posts where it’s outbreak after outbreak and where people’s sex lives are what’s causing the problem. If this is seriously how it is I won’t actually be able to live because this pain is unbearable.


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My first one was bad too i didn't know what was happening i thought he had bite me down there i was sore then stuff starting swelling the blisters came i couldn't walk, sit or bend i just put a cool rag down there took the meds it lasted two weeks..that was a year ago the OB i just had lasted 3 days no pain i still cried i cry every time I have a ob im still trying to accept it

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i understand i was afraid to pee lol do the cool rags, baths, and rest i didn't go to the doctors to the end of one my first week i kept googling it n I went and they gave me the pills it cleared up by the end of the following week

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Pee doesn’t hurt at all actually it’s the only thing that relieves me! It’s so odd because it started with two bumps on my labia that I assumed were ingrown hairs and the doctor said it’s herpes and did the swab and blood test (still awaiting type). That’s when she saw there was a whole bunch around my butt! I seen it the night before and went in first thing the next morning and started the pills right then and there but it seems the only thing the pills have done is made the fever go away. Everything else is still there and today is by far the worst pain I’ve had down there. This is now day 4. This afternoon I noticed the white in the back of my throat but again it doesn’t hurt. I hope it’s gone by Wednesday. I thankfully don’t have to work tomorrow but I have a busy day at work Tuesday and Wednesday I am required to be somewhere where I need to be physically active (not sexually) but I can’t back out of it :(

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I hope you feel better soon ❤ the doctor never did a blood test they only did a swab a year ago i didn't know that they could test to see if the infection was new or old and now it's too late but it will get better after this outbreak they will get shorter and it won't be do intense

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