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Herpes and summer and sun and rash - help!

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Hey everyone! Just curious because summer started and I love to tan and lay out, however, I realized that has caused a rash in my bikini zone area. I have had HSV2 for 6 months now and seem to have constant rashy outbreaks, not like my original blisters. Is that the shedding of the virus everyone is referring to? It kinda looks more like a heat rash in my bikini area or razor burn. I was just wondering how all of you experienced ladies deal with H in the summer? Help! Can I never wear a swimsuit again and lay out? It is so hard to shave and not irritate the area. I know H likes the sun, but can you lay out and just wear shorts to cover that area? Does that help? Does heat make it worse? Because it is hot and humid here! Not sure how to get around this- my daily suppressant does not seem to work (Valcyclovir) and I am getting frustrated! Anyone find any good remedies they can share or tips? My skin appears to be very sensitive to this virus. I feel like I can't have sex either because I always have a rashy outbreak in that area. Please send me some ideas...thanks! :)

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Hey Saliha!


Just to be sure, next time you get that kind of a rash, I would get it swabbed at your local doctor/clinic just to be sure. Just by the sound of it, your rash doesn't actually sound like herpes. Herpes outbreaks tend to be more or less the same per individual, so if you've had an outbreak with blisters, then the rest of your outbreaks should be similar in look and location (but tend to get less severe/frequent as your body builds up immunity to the virus), as far as I've heard and in my own experience. And no, shedding is asymptomatic, so you won't be able to see anything when the virus sheds. Here's an article on asymptomatic viral shedding:


Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hi Saliha,


i dont think the irritation of the bikini zone is herpes but yes herpes dont like heat or sweeting.But dont stop living , i live in spain and for sure i dont stop going to the beach or hiking in the mountain.If i go out of my house and the sun come up strongly i can feel more itchy feeling then usuall.i get frequent outbreaks too (every month) but i have a cronical disease which put my immunsystem down.....do you have any cronical diseases ,do you a healthy livestyle ?(alcohol impact herpes a lot...:( problem i still like to go out)

There are couple of things you can try, some people swear on that but every body react diffrently:

Coconut oil, L- Lysine,tumeric,bach flowers.....for some people this stuff really help for me it only make the outbreaks less strong.

have a good day and have a nice sunbath tomorow....dont stop living



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