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OB help please. At my wits end

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So I am having a really really tough time right now. I officially found out I’m HSV2 positive back in May.  That being said, I went to my doctor and she gave me 3 fills of valtrex for when I think I’m having an OB. (3 days at 2 tabs per day) ok I’ve had 2 OB in the last 3 weeks and I’m about to lose my shit. The valtrex does not stop the blisters (she told me if taken soon enough I shouldn’t even see blisters) and the OBs are getting WORSE sand CLOSER together. Guys I’m seriously close to going off the deep end. I thought I could handle this and be upbeat because shit happens but is this my life now? Like seriously an OB 2 times a month? My anxiety is sky high-which isn’t helping the OBs- but I work out, I eat well, I sleep a ton. I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO but idk if I can live like this. This constant fear that every tickle/itch/bump is an OB. 

How can I tell if it’s actually an OB or a just an itch? I’m so upset  

please please if anyone has an advice or suggestions I would so appreciate it. I haven’t even left my bed in a day because I feel like a diseased faker who is harboring this awful secret but pretending to be normal and I just can’t anymore. I’m at a total loss. 

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Sometimes OB's happen due to poor diet, lack of exercise, sleep, a lot of stress and anixety. Also, your menstrual cycle has a part to play in it as well. How is your diet? Are you taking vitamins? If not, a multivitamin, vitamin C, and lysine helps a lot. Also try soaking in an Aloe Vera and Epsom salt bath. It will help with the sores. It takes your body a minute to get use to the Valtrex going into your symptom. I also too was diagnosed in May with HSV2, and it was a hard pill to swallow. Also YOU'RE NOT A TOTAL LOSS. If you allow poison to intoxicate your mind, than your outlook and perception of everything will be toxic. I recommend you speaking to your doctor about your dosage. I know when I have an OB right before the itching starts, or I see a sore about to come, I take one 500mg valtrex for about 3 days until it goes away. I also DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER. Like alkaline water with a high PH such as esentia or pure diamond. The toxins in your body can also induce a OB. The blisters heal on their own, try putting Dr. Atkins witch hazel and some vaseline or neosporin. It should help heal it. Once a day for a few days. Hopefully this answers all your questions. 

P.S. Try not to stress, just breathe and relax (Easier said than done I know, but it helps)

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@GeminiiGoddess thank you so much for your kind words. I know how important mental health is with this but my god I am struggling so much. I have days when I don’t reslly care and feel great and then I think about dating or having that godforsaken disclosure talk and I get swept up in anxiety (unfortunately I was already a fairly anxious person)

my diet and exercise is honestly pretty on point. I cleaned up a lot when I found out about the virus but honestly before that I was pretty decent. I worked it quite a bit before; I’m actually in pretty solid shape too. It’s just my dang brain and accepting this. 

Are you on daily valtrex for suppression or just when you have OBs? After this second one in less than 2 weeks (I think due to my stupid period) she agreed to give me 500mg once a day. So I’m hoping that alone will ease my spastic brain as well as combat flare ups. 


Thank you so much for your kind words and advice truly. This is all so new and awful 

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I was recently diagnosed so i cant say to my recurrence rate yet. But my first and so far only OB wasnt "horrible" and they say the first is the worst so my fingers are crossed but i feel that is in part to me taking birth control continuously.... meaning i never get my period and my hormones stay level (a trigger is periods) also i am huge into essential oils and even used it directly on my sore which soothed it ( my sore healed in 3 days). I too eat clean and excersice so maybe look into the continuous birth control and essentail oils!! Hope this helps!

Ps. I started essentail oils for anxiety and found a ton of other benefits from it so it may help you with stress!

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@Freedom87 interesting; I actually haven’t looked into the oils..I assumed diet and stress relieving things like weight lifting and yoga would do the trick but I’m intrigued. Would you mind messaging me a little more info if you have time? 


Also birth control is such a good idea!! The OBs that I have are mild but they generally do occur when I’m ovulating so that’s a super solid idea. Thanks so much for you advice!

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Not at all! Ive been using essential oils for 2yrs now and started it for anxiety as meds werent working. I can honestly say my anxiety is under control with no meds but oils alone.

Ive used oils for many things from PCOS to mosquito bites. Theyre amazing!!! 

I will be adding some new ones to my regimine with my diagnosis of herpes.i already started with lavender for my sore.

I believe we consume too many chemicals, from food to lotions to air fresheners. I started 6 months ago making small changes in that area. I only use natural cleaners with essential oils as well as body wash (baking soda for "lower regions" as it balances PH levels). Im now throwing out my lotions and making homemade with coconut oil and essentail oils.

Its all about hormone balance (in my opinion) so lowering your chemical intake and filling it with oils would benefit anyone!

Is there something specific your interested in knowing about them?

I also love the book Essential Oils Ancient Medicine... super easy to understand, theres a page just for herpes!


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