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Swab came negative but two doctors who have seen it say it’s herpes

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Hello everyone.

a week ago is when I started to get my first ob.... or so I was told?

the first doctor who saw me said I had a UTI. After taking the antibiotics it got even worse so I caméra back to the clinic and another doctor saw me, said it was herpes right away and took a swab test from on of the lesions (big red bump with tiny white bumps on it). I started talking Valtrex and two days later I rushed to the ER because the pain was so unbearable I hadn’t peed for a whole day. I couldn’t walk, sit, sleep, anything. 

At the ER the doctor was So surprised when the took a look. It seemed like my lesions in my inner vagina and lips had gotten infected ... she could not figure out what was going on. Then on my buttcheek another red bump with the little ones on top showed up. She said again that I was herpes and maybe Zona too... she bumped my valtrex to two tablets 3x a day. She gave me anti inflammatory mess and a topical antibiotic cream.

rhe creams has worked wonders! I was finally accepting I had H ... the guy I was seeing left me. So I was pretty sad. But today I get a call fe that second doctor I saw and took the swab test. Apparently, I only have a yeast infection and no herpes. 


I know there are false negatives but she took the swab from a very obvious and oozing lesion ... which is the best time to do so. 

Now im confused. A yeast infection xannnot get this bad. 

I’m going to the doctor again this weekend but maybe someone here has gone through something similar? It’s horrible they give you hope like that. I’m trying to hold it together but so many things have happened in the space of one week 

Sorry about the typos I’m on my iPhone



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  • 2 weeks later...

I found out in February 2018 that I had been diagnosed with  HSV 1 & 2. I had a horrible outbreak on my vagina and was freaking out so I went to the Doctor. They did a swab and it hurt like hell. She told me that it was Genital Warts (HSV 2) and that there isn’t a cure, but you can live with it. You use your cream and take your medicine. You can have outbreaks from time to time or it have anymore after your first initial outbreak. Try not to stress dear. 

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The same thing happened to me....I also took a blood test that came back negative as well.

I am going to go back in 3 months to take the antibody blood test again and see what happens.

My OB/GYN thinks it might be a fungal infection and my dermatologist is convinced it was herpes.

Any updates for you? 

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