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i am SO itchy i cannot stand it, i am desperate

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hello everyone

My first OB started on the 12th of July. By the 26th, so after a week on Valtrex and a antiobiotic cream the lesions disappeared and i was finally feeling better. we are now the 30th of July and i am SO ITCHY, i cant sit, stand walk its like millions of little tingles and itchiness. Am i having a second OB? or is this normal to have after your first OB? The thing is i cant sleep, it gets so bad at night my body starts shaking because i cant handle the itch. I work at an office, with my mom who has no idea about this. She can see that i am sick but i cannot tell her what this is; i am 24 and still live at home because i am in law school and cant afford to work during the school year, but she doesnt think of me as adult still, she will judge me and she will always question my relationship choices in the future..i am not ready for that. 

i am so hopeless because so many things have changed every since i found out about this; the guy i was seeing left me. My ex whom i dates 7 years is now dating someone new. Emotionally im a wreck and this physical issues are not helping me. I am seriously considering suicide almost.... i was trying to be so positive but i feel like everything is out of control now.

i am going on holiday for 2 weeks next Wednesday.... HOW? if im still feeling this way physically i dont think ill be able to do anything.

im seeing a doctor tomorrow... this would be the 5TH DOCTOR I SEE within 2 weeks. I am so tired to get dismissed by them; I have been given all sorts of medication... nothing works except i think the combo of valtrex and antibiotics. I hope she will give me Valtrex because i am losing my mind. 

P.S: i did drink alcohol yesterday, we had a family pic nic and there was sangria... could this be it? 

Any advice please? 

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Hello dear.


I know exactly how your feeling, the itching is BRUTAL, but it’s just part of the healing stage. Maybe the antibiotic cream could have also caused maybe a yeast infection? I know I’ll itch horribly as it’s healing, but it’s also a sign of when I’m about to have an OB. But that’s just my experience.

Its super hard not to stress about, but stress is a major key in the triggers, try to destress as much as you can! Easier said then done, I know. But find a constant to keep your mind off of it while you heal and start to feel better. Rest as much as you can! It WILL get better!! I’ve been recently diagnosed back in October, I also went through countless doctors, you’ll find a silver lining! 


Alcohol can be a trigger as well, it’s different for each person. I’ve done countless research. It all depends on you. 


Best of luck!

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@amber1326 @ML93

thank you both so much for your advice and support! 

I would like to let you know that I read somewhere on here that taking benadryl can help with the itch. Sure enough I was able to sleep last night, nothing itched after taking some before going to bed. 

I took some this morning and I can feel it a little but not nearly as much as yesterday where I had the impressions ants were crawling everywhere. 

I hope this might help you guys too if it happens again 🙂 

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Google "formication" when you get a chance. I have HSV 1 both orally and genitally and had my first issues with it back when I was 21. Then other than a couple cold sores, my body basically suppressed the virus for about 15 until this past winter when things went haywire.    I've been doing some research and it seems that hormones can play into when this virus reactivates and I think it's possible that I am now at the age (37) where my hormones are starting to change and this was what caused my 3 month long GHSV-1 flare up this past winter. 

I wanted to chime in because once the 3 months of hell were over and the virus seemed to go back into a suppressed state, I developed this all over body-tingle itch that seems to come and go. It feels how you described... like ants crawling on my skin. I did some research on the internet and the term is called "formication" and one of the things that cause it, apparently is a change in hormones, among other things as well.

I've been suffering with this on and off itch now for about 5 months and it seems to be getting just a little better each month. I do notice it seems to start a few days after my period and then stop right before my period, which is another reason I think it's related to my hormones.

I know you are younger than me, but maybe you are going through other things that are causing this condition for you? Or possibly it's hormonal for you too?




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If you think your period brought it on you may want to talk to your doctor about taking birth control continuously to not get it. Thats what i do.

Also ive only had one OB but i used lavendar essential oil for the itching. It worked great for me. But it may not for everyone.

Hope this helps!

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