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Hello all ... 

This is my first post since being diagnosed and since joining this community. 

I’m 34 years old, was married for 11 years and going through a separation. After spending months in a depressed state I decided to get myself “out there” and date. The second person I slept with during this dating phase gave me herpes. I made the mistake of asking if he had protection and sleeping with him anyway when he said he didn’t. Worst part was I know now that he knew all along that he had this and just wasn’t honest with me. Just ONE careless mistake and my whole world was turned upside down. 

After my initial outbreak and diagnosis I was completely depressed and even thought my life was over. I had every thought and feeling that each person here experienced after finding out. All I wanted to do was sleep and disappear.... 

Finding this site and reading all the posts from others in this community gave me such a sense of hope and positive outlook on my future living with this virus. Knowledge really is power and I found solace in reading others experiences. 

I thank everyone here for sharing their knowledge, their experiences, and for sending positive vibes out there. It’s so true that you never know when sending a kind word to someone how much it can really help. 

Im finally out of the fog and feelings of total despair. It’s not easy and there is still so much to learn about my body again now that I have this, but I do realize that this virus is not what defines me unless I let it. I will NOT let it define me. I will NOT let it take over my life. And I will NOT let it take away my positive mindset. I will fight for my body and for my health. I will fight for my happiness. And most importantly I know that I can and will live a happy and fulfilled life. 

People get life threatening and life altering diagnosis’s EVERYDAY... this will not kill me or take away my ability to live a strong healthy life. 

Perspective and mindset are EVERYTHING. Knowledge is power. And finding this community provided me with another level of comfort. 

Thank you everyone for reading this, and big thank you to everyone who helps comfort and inform those of us that need it... 🙂

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@Next step 

You are so welcome!!! 

Honestly I didn’t think I would even be at this point already but the more I read and hear about others experiences the more I realized I didn’t want to waste time being depressed over something that I can LIVE with.

Last week I found out that a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with TERMINAL lung cancer. Ughh. So so so sad. It’s not a matter of IF it will kill her, it’s a matter of WHEN!! If that doesn’t give me perspective on my diagnosis I don’t know what will.

We can still live happy and healthy lives with this virus. It won’t kill us, it can kill our spirit and that is only if we let it!! 

Stress and depression will take a person down faster than any sore or skin condition ever can. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime, I am happy to talk to you and lend some positive insight. 

After the dust settles you will realize that you will be better than ok...

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