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Positive culture 9 years ago. Got negative blood tests today. SO CONFUSED!

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Hi all! So  happy to have found this forum. I am very confused right now. About nine years ago I came down with a UTI that turned into a bladder and kidney infection. I was so sick for about three weeks and during that time I also developed a sore on my inner labia. When I went to my gynecologist she Did a swab test on it. A couple of days later she called me and said that I tested positive for herpes. She didn’t say if it was one or two and at the time I didn’t think to ask. I did a couple of courses of Valtrex back then but that was it. I take about 1000 mg of L-Lysine a day and just try to stay healthy. Once in a while I will get a bump Down there that generally disappears in a day or two with the lysine and some Teatree oil. I’ve lived my life for 9 years believing that I had herpes. This week I went to a new primary care doctor and I asked her to include in my blood pan a test for herpes - both HSV one and two.  I just got my results back and they are negative. I am beyond confused. I have read about people getting negative blood test back but that is usually when they have just experienced an outbreak and the antibodies have not had time to build up in their bodies. 

Can anyone  let me know if they had this experience or have heard of this? It’s really thrown me for a loop and I’d love some clarity. Thank you so much!! 

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It's crazy bc I'm assuming it's a outbreak. 

Dr a said it was positive for hsv1

I gotten blood work during that time  I had a so called outbreak  dk  how old the sore was. 

Dr b said negative 

I gotten blood work and swab culture 

During that time I had a so called outbreak.  Both bloodwork and swab culture came back negative. Ugh 

Dr b said once you test positive for herpes you'll always test POSITIVE  but I read up on some things so idk.. 

I'm still assuming that this a outbreak 

But isn't hsv1 cold sores etc. 

The bumps I have I spreaded and don't hurt nor scabbing there just there 

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I tested positive for HSV 2 and 20 years later I had a blood test and it was negative.. but positive for HSV 1 which can be on the genital areas also. It's basically the same and is transmitted the same but less common in the genital area.

I was very happy with the results and just could not believe it... and maybe it's all just a cluster F***. Because...

And just this week I got a new OB in a totally new area and am anxiously waiting to find out what it comes back as.

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