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Autoinoculation after 11 years?

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Hi everyone, first of all thanks to everyone here in this forum for sharing your personal experiences and supporting each other. This is so important for people like me, living in a conservative community.

I was diagnosed with Ghsv2 back in 2007, since then I was not having many outbreaks and not on valtrex when last summer one morning I woke up with multiple sores on my right middle finger and two on my thumb. (I had masturbated a few days earlier,scratched an itchy spot, then washed my hands but realized a tiny scratch on my middle finger, it wasn't a cut, it didn't hurt at all)

I went to four different dermatologists. First one diagnosed it as dyshidrotic eczama, second said contact dermatitis, third neuro dermatitis, fourth, definitely dyshidrotic eczama. 

The sores are not like typical sores, they are deep in skin, the area is sore beforehand but does not hurt a lot later. They erupt in time but it takes so much time that i do not even realize they do so. The thing is my whole arm tingles or hurts like a week before and i have serious nausea, loss of appetite and fatigue.

I wanted to believe all of the doctors i consulted and respect their knowledge and experience but something is not right. Today another one appeared just on the same exact spot the last one appeared. 

Anyone ever experienced a similar issue? I would be looking forward to your replies.

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3 hours ago, Ishmael said:

Get them swabbed when they are new. 

Hi @Ishmael, thank you so much for your reply. I got a very small one swabbed back in summer, it was pcr tested and negative. There was no fluid so they shaved some skin. I was off valtrex for five days then. 

I think ı need to retest whenever i have a fluid filled one present. Thanks again for your reply.

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Thank you @Notgoingthere, i had been pcr tested but there was a very small lesion in the morning which disappeared until they got the sample by shaving some skin. There was no fluid then. I am hoping to get one swabbed or pcr tested asap. But i am on valtrex now. İ have to quit that,too. Thank you for your reply.

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Can't really say for sure til u have a more obvious outbreak that u can say with less doubt. But I can say I've had this same problem with being told she didn't think it was wen it's pretty obvious it is because it had gone away a little by the time I saw my doctor. Can't really blame them though when they do look like it can be other things also.  Just see it as it is an outbreak and don't touch it and do ur Normal outbreak routine if u can. Just to be safe. 

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