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I feel awkward

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Today my boss at work were talking and she mentioned that she has hep C and has had it many decades. After she told me, she looked really sad. I almost told her about being diagnosed last week with HSV 1&2. I just couldn’t get myself to do it. It feel so personal and private. I wanted to disclose it to her just to make her feel better about sharing that with me, at the same time, I guess I thought it was just to personal to share. She said she Hep C from when she was a kid in a lake. I was confused, as we know it is blood bourn pathogen transferred through sexual contact or needle use. Why do I feel guilty that I couldn’t share that I also have a virus that is going to stay with me? I just couldn’t do it. Can anyone relate? It was awkward and now I don’t want her to think that I view her any differently. I have a secret myself but because of the sexual nature of it, I couldn’t tell her. 

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Hey @Findingmyself,


  Though I applaud your emotional response to try and comfort another human being...you have no reason nor obligation to talk about what you are going through unless you really want to.  The only people in your world you need to talk about this with is your doctor and people you're going to be intimate with.  There is no reason you should feel any shame for not talking about this with the people you're around, UNLESS YOU WANT TO.  I've read many posts on here about people scared to tell parents, siblings, coworkers, etc...well, there is no reason to unless you want to reach out for their support.  In my life of being hsv+ for about 8 years or so..the only people I've told were potential sexual partners, one very close friend who had already told me of her experience, and to a limited extent my mother because I just tell her everything.  The workplace is rarely a good place for intimacies of any sort, frankly, but I really don't want you to feel bad/awkward/guilty about anything because you have NO reason to.  I know this can be a difficult time as someone recently diagnosed, so may I recommend...before you start worrying too much about who to talk to about what..talk to us here more.  Best support group you'll find.


Cheers, we are her for you.

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Hi Findingmyself

Yes as KRS17 has already said, you should not feel guilty or awkward for not sharing your personnel stuff with your boss
It is clearly your decision who you share it with or not & I'm sure you comforted your boss by just talking to her.

I told my boss but that was because I was not myself & was suffering from a bad rejection.
I stress that was just my decision because I am a very open person & have told a lot of people but I think I'm rare in that sense!

Remember supporting someone does not mean you have to put yourself in a position you don't want to be in 😉


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