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Still having outbreaks on suppressive valtrex

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advise. I'm on suppressive valtrex 1000mgs a day and have ghsv1. I'm still having outbreaks about every 6 weeks and I've had H for 4 months. Does anyone have a similar story? Does my body need time to adjust? Should I stop taking the valtrex and let my body fight it naturally? I just assumed when I started the suppressive dosage that I wouldn't have any issues so it's hard to handle :(.

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eerr idk. I'm on 500mg a day. first month out after my exposure last month and it seems the the virus is settling in. had an outbreak but on my lips which I didn't even know I had it there since Ive never had any symptoms before this. from what I understand type 1 OB reduce alot after the first year. 

Im surprised I got an OB too to be honest. I thought since my first OB was rather minor I wouldn't have anymore but.....🤷‍♀️    



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I have HSV type 1 but not on my face and didn't experience the less aggressive form of it. Ive had it for just over two years as of this august and I got outbreaks once or twice a month every month so my doctor put me on suppression therapy after my first year. For the first year I was only on as needed therapy; in other words I would call her officer and say fill my prescriptions of the antiviral and they would.

My advice would be to talk to your doctor and switch antivirals. Some antivirals don't work for some people. I am on acyclovir and it works great for me. I have one friend who acyclovir did not work for so she take another kind. Where as for me Valtrex did not work. For my supressive therapy I take 400 mg of acyclovir a day and its a miracle for me. It has lead to me only having 1 outbreak this year and that outbreak only occurred because I was under sever stress and had a massive anxiety attack (which can trigger an outbreak in me personally). I know those triggered that one outbreak because I got my warning signs the very next day and shortly after the sores popped up.

It tends to be a matter of finding the right antiviral for your body and managing your stress and lifestyle. Lysine is a great supplement that is over the counter that also helps fight the virus or keep it in check. It would be worth researching or looking into! I hope this information helps. 

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14 hours ago, Saveme51 said:

I was diagnosed 5 months ago and taking 1000mg of Valtrex and Lysine, oregano oil every day and I am still getting constant OBs. It's very frustrating and don't know if I'll ever be able to have sex again or even want to at this point.

I am not currently on valtrex (have taken tons of supplements instead) but think I’m about to start because I’ve had outbreaks almost every week, it’s like one starts to dim down and another one arises. I can’t catch a break. They aren’t painful for me, just pretty itchy which is frustrating. 

I just need this to go dormant in my nerves 😥

also have GHSV1 and 21 y/o female. feel like i’ll never be able to have sex just because i feel like there’s a 100% chance I’ll transmit with the frequency of my outbreaks (and I don’t want to do that obviously) 

disclosure isn’t even the bad part as of now, it’s the chronic outbreaks

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I completely understand how you feel. When I found out I had it I had just started dating someone and had to tell him as we were sleeping together and it was a rough night of sex that brought on my first outbreak. I don't know who gave it to me, but he just had a blood test and he has it. I feel completely destroyed that I may have given it to him. I didn't cry for myself but I've cried non stop for him. I look back and wish we had been more careful even though I was on suppressive valtrex. 

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We used it periodically if I felt anything odd we would (a small itch etc). But when I felt completely normal no. He knew this was a possibility and accepted it and is far less stressed about it than me. Sex is definitely a trigger for me. He hasn't had any sores or anything so it could be that he had it all along but we will never know.

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