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Going out of my mind

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I was diagnosed with type 1 almost 9 weeks ago and had apparently a very severe case. I had to take 6 lots of aciclover per day, I then went back to the clinic and symptoms hadn't cleared up so was given another short course of aciclovir. 

Symptoms remained and I had another outbreak and was put on another short course of aciclovir. They went away. 

A few days later and I booked to see the GP as symptoms were horrendous and keeping me awake all night and I was put on one month's suppressive aciclover. I am in week 3 and I have had 2 outbreaks and the last OB cleared on Saturday /Sunday. I am having horrendous burning pains down there and a fever, leg pain etc.. But no blisters. 

When I received my diagnosis I was told not to worry it won't rule my life and its not debilitating but it is for me. I am unable to maintain my activity levels. If I ride a bike it makes symptoms alot worse. I am a fit and normally active and healthy person, my BF (who gave it to me) have had sex only twice in the last 2 months and now I am too scared to have sex anyway. Its putting a huge strain on my work life, my personal life and I am feeling desperate now.

I was relieved when I found it was 1 and not 2 as supposedly it doesn't reappear as bad but that hasn't been the case for me, this hasn't gone away since I contracted the virus. 

Has anyone else been in this position and can you offer any advice? 

I am trying to take all the correct supplements and eat well etc but am seeing no benefit. 

Thanks for reading 

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Try and get valocyclovir from your GP (it may work better).

try to eat less arginine, more lysine, and think about supplementing with lysine.

i would recommend eating pretty “clean” and perhaps taking a multivitamin.

Zinc, fish oil, b complex, vitamin D, enchinae (? I think?) are supposedly all good.

I have also personally mixed coconut oil with teatree oil and used a cotton pad to place it over the area I get outbreaks/itchy areas.


honestly, I may not be one to give tips considering I have type 1 and have had outbreaks almost every week but I will say my nerve pain has definitely diminished and I am not currently on antiviral (even during outbreaks) because my outbreaks aren’t the worst experience in the world (just slight itchiness and feeling as if my thong is kinda stuck) , however I am planning on going to my gyno to ask for antivirals “as needed” 

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Thanks for reading and replying. 

I don't think I want to read an outbreak a week, that's not good either, but glad you're not in pain. I need a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I'm already supplementing 3000mg lysine and eating clean. Plus taking alot of immune boosting supplements so am very frustrated that nothing is alleviating symptoms. I have a phone appointment with my GP later today so will see what she has to say. 


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I have started oil of oregano supplements I got that feel like they help a lot.. I also started colloidal silver that seems to be helping as well.. trying to clean the gut out with some probiotic therapy as that’s supposed to help as well. I also take crap load of other supplements like most everyone else. Looking into ozone therapy as well. 

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