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Did rough sex cause ob? Or was I about to have one anyway? Worried :(

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Hi guys. Three days ago, I have rougher than normal sex with my new guy. Toys were involved, things got pretty wild. Fast forward two days, and I’m pretty sure I’m expericing my very first OB... 😞 which makes me wonder, if he indeed has hsv2? Is it a  coincidence that this would happen two days later? Or can the sex just trigger it? I’m worried about him. Thank you. 

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It could be coincidence. But I have also heard that trauma, for lack of a better word, can trigger. Even a waxing can be traumatic enough to trigger an OB.

That said, I have had full Brazilians and not triggered an OB, and some pretty rough sex and not triggered an outbreak. Everyone is different. Hard to say if you were about to have an OB or not. If you are experiencing an OB right now and had sex 3 days ago and your new guy was HSV negative when you had sex, I'd say that there is probably a higher likelihood that he could have been exposed during the sex. 

If you are taking suppressants and used protection, his chances are lower, but still higher than they would have been if you were not about to have an outbreak, I imagine. I'm assuming you disclosed your status to him prior to becoming intimate, so I would just talk to him and let him know that you're now experiencing an outbreak that you didn't feel coming and for him to be on the lookout for any symptoms so that he can treat himself right away if he did end up getting exposed. He knew going in that there is always a chance that he could be exposed, and having the conversation to let him know the potential of him having been exposed when you were about to have an OB is, in my mind, the right thing to do.

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