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Disclosed... Didn’t Work Out. & It’s Okay To Talk About.

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Well, I really liked this guy. Probably the most amazing & genuine connection I’ve ever experienced in my life. One of those fairy tale, cliche types of feels for this boy.

i knew having the talk with him was going to be hard. He was the first person that I wanted to date since being diagnosed so it was terrifying. He made the process so easy. Told me that it didn’t change the way he felt towards me and that he still really really liked me. Score. I thought the hardest part was over.

I think it was, but maybe i’m just being a little dramatic with my feelings here but, now i’m hurt. A week goes by and his feelings change; his worried about it and what it’ll do to his body. Totally fair and understandable. But he wants to think about it more. I lose it. Cause I can’t sit around and wait for someone to decide my worth if they have already decided in their head they’re veering in the other direction. 

So I cried. A lot. In front of him. At home in bed. And driving to work the next day. It really sucks. But ultimately, I hope I become a stronger and more amazing person by doing the right thing. Just can’t see it now but hey, it’ll be okay. We’ll all be okay eventually. Sometimes it’s just harder.

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Do you have an update on this?

Im wondering if he just needed some time to process??

FYI- I’m in a very similar situation and I’m very proud of you for disclosing. You are more than a status!

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I'm also curious about any updates on this one. It sounds exactly like what just happened to me.

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