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  1. @LotusBud I'm so glad it could bring a smile to ya and YES, I saw that Toothless is going to have a special friend. Love those movies! I am so sorry to hear that you went through this ordeal. I hope you're now finding your strength from it. Gosh! The things that we have to go through in order to grow. I would have liked for this growth spurt to have never happened, but here we are! And I can see the silver lining. I am very grateful for my life partner. We just have to work out how he'll try to stay OB free. And I have to figure out how not to freak about any tiny mouth sore he may have.
  2. Hi there @Catlady12! I feel like I started on acyclovir about 4-5 days too late for it to make any significant difference, but with this being my first outbreak and a very bad one, I can't be 100% certain. I got my diagnosis about 2 days after my doctor prescribed it to me. Vitamin E (100% helped with the healing which was kinda itchy, but not too bad. Some nights I applied an Rx steroid cream called Clobetasol. During the harshest part of the outbreak these were my besties: Rx Lidocaine, ibuprofen and vicodin, vaseline (a must for me to urinate sans pain), a warm to cool shower--also for uri
  3. No, that’s not the title of a C-rated horror flick. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably Netflixed and chilled ... on a bag of peas. Wow. Where do I start? Is it a “Whodunnit”? Perhaps it’s a film with Oucho Marx. Levity, take me away! All jokes aside, this is my first outbreak (zombie outbreak mind you) and I was just diagnosed a few days ago with genital hsv-1. I’m still freaking out a bit. Let’s just say that less than a week ago I was 100% positive that this demon spawn of an OB (look at me with the lingo!) WAS NOT herrrrpeeeees. Like burpees, yet more hated.
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