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  1. thought about it but its not a death sentence and anyone worth your time isn't going to care. California has already decriminalize the transmission of hiv and that is scary shit. no amount of money is going to change it for you so enjoy life and have fun
  2. I was "exposed" by an ex probably 4 years prior to my initial outbreak, but the guy that said he had it denied it years later. I assume I got it from the guy I was with when I had the outbreak because he didn't care what was going on with me and still continued to sleep with me and my blood came back negative. it was 13 months after outbreak that the virus showed up in my bloodwork and I paid extra for that since the std screen didn't include it
  3. Lvsandy

    People Magazine Herpes Story

    yes I got hsv after I had him but I never kissed him on the lips. didn't feel it was necessary
  4. Lvsandy

    People Magazine Herpes Story

    ok I should state that kissing infants on the lips is unnecessary regardless of the HSV status. this infant unfortunately died
  5. Lvsandy

    People Magazine Herpes Story

    I saw a facebook post about an infant who died because of herpes exposure, if you have type 1 and you kiss an infant on the lips i feel that person is just evil
  6. This site has helped me immensely. If someone can figure out who I am from a user name then so be it. I am the same person I was before diagnosis. Everything happens for a reason and when I look back I have no regrets.
  7. Lvsandy

    Needing some support.

    it does kind of get better, life is certainly not over
  8. don't beat yourself up over it. just think positive that everything will turn out ok
  9. Lvsandy

    HSV 2 back to back outbreaks

    no advice but to take the medication. i was outbreak free until I started seeing someone now its back to back. I am thinking its the stress of talking to this person and thinking of just ending it and see if it helps. best of luck to you
  10. Lvsandy

    HSV2 Transmission to Mouth via Oral Sex?

    I wonder too, nothing online is helpful.
  11. Lvsandy

    Itching without visible Outbreak ?

    same, a little itch but no sore or scab or anything. but I try to take meds as soon as it happens. I wish it was cut and dry but its not
  12. Lvsandy

    disclosing via text

    he stood me up and has not contacted me since Tuesday night. in my heart I want to think he has h too and that's why he does this. he is the reason I joined this site. it has been very helpful in coping. my head is telling me to never talk to him again and someday I will meet someone who will accept me for every little thing
  13. Lvsandy

    disclosing via text

    he asked for a raincheck. he did this over the summer as well and that is why I joined this website. so glad I didn't tell him Sunday. secret is still safe
  14. Lvsandy

    disclosing via text

    were you told before or after. I have a weird situation where one partner told after we had sex and it hurt so when he broke it off I got tested twice and negative. then 4 years later first outbreak new partner and he was ok with it so I assumed it was him that I got it from im gonna tell him in person. although the rejection would be easier via text he may be nice about it
  15. ok so making plans for Tuesday and of course its been about sex. do I just get it over with or wait and tell him in person?? I am so confused. I like him and not sure how to go about this