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  1. no and my "outbreak" wasn't an outbreak, it was bv 😞
  2. a standard std screen doesn't even include hsv 1 or 2. I tested negative after my first ob, met my last boyfriend and he has hpv so always makes people test. his test didn't include hsv so had I gone his route I wouldn't even know
  3. don't be so hard on yourself, my Dr's have given me the same advice. I recently met a man and have not disclosed. the shitty part is he didn't take my initial no for an answer, it had been 2.5 years and few outbreaks the last 2 so I did it. then he went and had sex with his ex behind my back. when I had sex with him after her (not knowing at the time) I brought condoms he laughed at me. well now I have an ob. we spent the night together, no sex told him I used a toy and was itchy then I asked him if he had been with the ex (I saw a pic on facebook) he asked about the itch and I said it usually happened when my ex screwed around on me. so now I am debating because he said he's "with me now" he never asked me to be his girlfriend and now I feel trapped. chances are you and I are the only ones that have it and fingers crossed we learned lessons and didn't pass it
  4. I'm confused too, I just take meds any time I feel an itch down there. never blisters or scabs so I think its weird
  5. thank you for your response, seeing my primary care on Tuesday. having him do a full blood panel and maybe he will prescribe a daily dose if my liver is ok. I don't have a gallbladder and haven't in over 15 years
  6. I am in nevada. i will call back and see if I can get a new nurse then try planned parenthood. thank you!!
  7. your on daily meds? my dr won't prescribe that I called today . the dose I read is 2 times a day for 3 days for an ob but my scrip says 10 days
  8. underwear one time and I think I was about to get one after fooling around with the guy I like. and yes they are dumb. ugh
  9. I had to pay extra to find out if I had hsv 1 or 2. they don't test for it anymore I guess because of thinking so many people have it. I called my dr and asked to be put on daily suppression therapy and was told they didn't do that to people just to have sex its only for outbreaks. I'm so confused. I and don't want to spread this to anyone. do just condoms work
  10. I have a prescription but its not for daily its for an ob, do I still take the same amount or just one? trying to get into my ob but want to start taking medication right away
  11. after being blindsided with a positive diagnoses after a 3 negative ones and 2.5 years of abstaining I was able to disclose. he took it well and now I really do kick myself for thinking it was ruining my life. Still not looking to jump into bed with just anyone knowing that I could pass it on but I hope that sharing may help someone else
  12. oh and I want to add how he was so happy to come to my work to show me his clean bill of health minus being tested for hsv 1 & 2 so who really knows if he has it or not.
  13. I feel strange now if I find someone attractive, like once they find out they would be horrified. so I haven't dated in the two years of knowing. I did disclose to my sons dad and he is fine with it and wants to try again but he is in a sober living house and I think its way too soon, he was just homeless and has nothing
  14. I take oregano oil internally sometimes and llv vitamins from Doterra and no more obs even when super stressed
  15. I wouldn't, unless its hsv2 oral
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