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  1. You know that where i live hsv1 is not a big problem people call it night fever because even babies have it. They dont call it herpes when its oral even though it is but the genital herpes you will get slashed for.
  2. DONT DO IT. Thats a terrible idea. Screen this man properly first
  3. Wow. I would suggest that you try to adopt a new lifestyle. This includes eating healthy, more vegetables and taking vitamin supplements. Try to exercise daily and limit stress and depression. The stringer the immune system, the bettet. When I feel depress or stress , I start watching motivational videos, movies and i have developed a routine that keeps me busy. It Helps me to not focus too much on my status. If you want sexual release, there is always masturbation ( thats if you dont have a problem doing it).
  4. We all make mistakes , its just unfortunate that some mistakes have permanent consequences but the moment you start accepting it, the better. You are probably srressing so the outbreaks are frequent
  5. I am from Caribbean - Jamaica.🇯🇲 “The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. … Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.”–Alyson Noel, Blue Moon
  6. Don't ignore, comment 😊 Am I the only one? I would like to know where some of us are from( if not all) and for some of us who are still depressed 😔about our status you will realise that you are not the only one. It happens to people all across the world🌍🌎🌏even those who speak different languages🈯️🈶️🈺️. DONT SPOIL THE FUN🥳💃. Golden Rules for this chain😎 1st- Comment the country you are from and 2nd(optional) - say something positive to uplift another, spread the love ❤. I will start: I am from Caribbean - Jamaica.🇯🇲 “The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. … Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.”–Alyson Noel, Blue Moon Ps. I hope this is not breaking any rules. I will willingly discontinue. I DO NOT HAVE ANY UNDERLYING EVIL MOTIVES. We all here to support each other.
  7. We are so similiar. Hi. I am only meds for depression as a result from schizophreniform. I had nightmares too and i had suicidal ideations as well but i had to think about how my family would feel if i killed myself. I realised also that alot of persons have herpes. Alot of people have type 1 though. I get antidepressants too but i dont get outbreaks. Havent had an outbreak since my first. The suicidal thoughts will go away after a while. Just try to remain positive , i know its hard but still try. You can inbox me. Currently I dont feel suicidal but i feel numb. I believe we can help each other.
  8. Thank you. Best advice. Like him, I was a virgin too but my partner knowingly passed it on to me without telling me. I tried explaining that to him but he refused to listen. He said it can be controlled and there is always condoms. He worked at an STD clinic before. I feel he is desperate to be in a relationship and I am desperate for someone to accept me. It is my fear of lonliness and never having anyone to accept me. I live in a society STDs are highly stigmatised. The other day guy told me without disclosing my status that he would stay away from a female with Herpes and HIV and he is my friend before I contracted the virus. I decided not to disclose. Its hard , people believe you have to have been promiscuous to have herpes or you are just nasty. There are times when I have a positive outlook and believe there is still hope and there are times when i am in a depressive state. The negative comments of others usually triggers it. R.Kelly copy cat ruined my selfesteem. Sigh.😭
  9. So i am currently thinking about daying this virgin. He is willong to accept me. He is final tear medical student but he is not physically attractive in my eyes. He needa to work on his sex appeal.Everything is great as it relates to personality and I will still settle with him. I just really hope that with time, i might be able to accept him,the way he did for me.
  10. Have you had sex since you found out? I am afraid to do it.
  11. Please excuse my poor grammar and expression . Rule number 1: Love yourself unconditonally Have a positive attitude Educate yourself fully about the disease. You will better be able to share it with others. Share it in away that it takes prejudice people have in their mind. Learn to not fear rejection and judgement because its human nature hun and even before you had herpes I am sure you have experienced being criticised or judged wrongfully or rejected. Do you know the importance of dating? You are getting to know someone to see if you are compatible for an intimate relationship. Let the person get to know your interpersonal qualities ( if thats the right term to use) thats the most important thing first. Less than 10 dates is not enough to get physical. I know you miss sex and all but this is a sensitive situation. It takes time. After person falls inlove with your personailty then you inform them of the herpes. If accepted . Yay!! If rejected. Yay!! If the person cannot accept you, they never saw your worth in the first place. Move on. You already love yourself so a little rejection isnt going to discourage you. You know whats funny, some them have it and dont know OR answer this question , before you had herpes , would you have accepted someone with the illness?( RETORICAL) If they are nice person but they are not willing to accept. You should be able to understand.
  12. Successful people works towards the betterment of themselves and they also help others. They see a problem and they work towards solving that problem. The fact that you are here , the fact that you are seeking help and /or supporting others make you a sucess hun. Continue working towards making yourself a better version of who you were yesterday and never give up. Never quit.
  13. Remember You are not your illness!! Love your body and Treat your body right.🤸‍♀️ Don't let the stigma attached to herpes define you sis. You are beautiful ,you are strong, you are invincible. 💃 You matter!!! Aint nobody gonna love you like you love yourself.So love yourself unconditionally. ❤
  14. Sure no problem. Its feels good to have friend who truly knows what it feels like. We can surely help each other😊
  15. Hello everyone , I hope I am not ignored. I am 21years old and 22 in the next few months. So this is my story in a nutshell.I lost my virginity to a sexual predator. He willingly transmitted stds to me. Herpes being the incuarble one. I was depressed to the point where I wanted to kill myself but I just couldn't. I stopped blamimg myself,I am currently seeing a pyschiatrist and psychologist.My mom is pretty supportive but I just want to hear from persons who have passed the depressive state and is now living a happy life. I have stopped the negative self talk and I just want to have a positive outlook on life.I want to know what to do, first steps to take in loving myself unconditionally despite this flaw and how to disclose to guys I take an interest in that I have herpes. I am just afraid of putting people at risk. Any advice anyone? I need to stop fantasizing about seeing a cure coming😁 and start being realistic about the fact that this illness is for the rest of my life. I have read some posts and they are awe inspiring. I hope one day i will do the same and this is just a phase that i can, i will and must overcome💪🏾.
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