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  1. I got my diagnosis six weeks ago. I cried for two weeks. Thought everything was over. One guy bailed on me completely. The rest were supportive. I'm still playing with one, even though the way we play is different. Still hot. Still fun. I've met a very nice guy very recently. We get along really well. I had to disclose this week. That went better than I expected. He is still interested. Ive gotten on antivirals and antidepressants. I feel I have a sliver of hope. I don't know if sharing my story is helpful to you, but I'm here with you. Try to keep your chin up.
  2. I was diagnosed a month ago. I cried for two weeks. Feels like I've been through the wringer. But I am feeling more like myself now -- I'm going to be scheduling a new doc appt. and really get to know how this virus manifests in my body. I'm taking Valtrex and hoping it helps reduce transmission.
  3. Our stories are similar. I was celibate for almost 10 years, til last November. At the insistence of a potential partner, I got tested for everything, including HSV. I was blissfully ignorant, thinking that I was completely healthy. I was blindsided too when the call came Sept 20. Everything has changed. I have no idea who/where/when I got it. My iGG is above 3. One of my partners has tested negative and is really nervous about the virus spreading. Another partner is getting his test on Oct 30. He's terrified of being positive. I cried for two weeks. Now I'm getting myself together and saying "what now?" hang in there. We will get through this.
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