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  1. Great! Please let me know! The first time i had it was after a guy was too aggressive with sex/touching me down there and that's the typical pattern I see for myself. I think it has also just happened randomly though and my gynae says the skin there is thin so some women can be more prone to cuts.
  2. Confused12 - NO this doctor sounds like an IDIOT. The only way to know for sure is to get the blood test. Please get it. I got misdiagnosed by sight and spent 15 months in purgatory. I was like what the FUCK was the point of having to go thru this hell - if it means saving just ONE more person from a lifetime of hell then I won't feel as bad for having gone thru it. Please take the blood test and let me know the results. This does NOT sound like a herpes sore at all. The initial outbreak lasts only about 2-4 weeks. What a DUMB FUCK thing to say that the only way to know for sure is to take
  3. Hi! I have the same thing too, a cut at the labia - mine comes and goes and is friction related not H related and the ONLY thing I found that worked to heal it and keep the skin strong enough to minimize re-occurence (and NO doctor could give me anything to help) is Medicine Mama's Vmagic. HIGHLY recommended!
  4. hi sorry for the delay! how has the cream been working? I use it when i feel a cut but it def strengthened my vaginal tissue and i very seldom have to use it after the first month or two of using it!
  5. hey @Riseandfall - i use the cream and just apply a dab of it on the cut on the vulvar (yup that's where i had it). oh my tear lasted fucking MONTHS and the doctor said to just put neosporin on it did NOT work. this was the ONLY thing that finally sealed it and it even STRENGTHENED it such that it hasn't teared from vigorous activity since (fingers crossed). read up about it - the makers researched what makes strong healthy skin and created the formulas they use. i absolutely swear by it after NO OBGYN could help me with it. please let me know your results!
  6. Hi, Qn for those who have disclosed and found that there were people who didn't give a damn about Herpes. Are you able to explain why they don't care about something that so many of us here think would be the end of our dating life? I feel like if I knew WHY people didn't care I can start to believe that I can disclose and have guys not care (or even if they care, not ENOUGH to keep them away from my sexy ass!). From my vantage point whenever I hear "I disclosed and he didn't care at all!" I always ask WHY?? Why would he/she not care about a disease that CAN (although mostly doesn't
  7. I am 1 year post diagnosis and I cannot believe I am still unable to accept my diagnosis. Still can't believe I have this FOR LIFE, still wondering if I will ever have another happy day in my life. Then I decided to go to a standup comedy show. And I highly recommend it if you haven't tried! (but see someone good) Having a live experience, with fellow human beings, with a real live person standing in front of you (as opposed to seeing someone on TV and MAYBE chuckling to yourself all alone) was such a great experience. I had bought tickets but before the show I was moping in bed thinki
  8. i don't have any advice but just wanted to send my heartfelt sympathy for what you are going thru. this shit is so hard for all of us (i too have shit to deal with on top of the fucking H) and i am just grateful we have this community to see how we are SO not alone.
  9. this guy sounds absolutely fucking amazing. you are so lucky! i have heard of many stories of people accepting H disclosure pre sex, but to forgive you after unprotected sex and go on to love you the way he has...i do hope it can work out between the both of you. a guy friend i knew broke up with his gf because they "lost the love"..then reconnected and he came to the realization that the intial throes of passion fade, and it transforms into something that doesn't feel like love because it's not that intense passion, but is actually something deeper more comfortable and long lasting. he's be
  10. Hi, I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this! The suggestion I have is to sign up for the clinical trials of pritelivir, a new herpes drug currently in I think Phase 2 of testing that has already shown to be superior to Valtrex. Perhaps it can help you and you can get to use it before the years it's gonna take for the darn thing to come out to market!
  11. you are sooo lucky to have found a perfect guy who doesn't care. That's the worry that is ruining my mental health and happiness, if I will ever find someone. Tears are not outbreaks - i have a vagina that tears easily too, even pre-H. Try medicin mama's vmagic - lots of women have found it helps with delicate vulvar skin myself included!
  12. ahhhh thank you thank you thank you. i have gotten a relapse in my mental health cos of this stupid thing and found myself crawling back to this forum for some solace and saw your replies!!! THANK YOU!! I would like to get into the place of being happy and confident in disclosing too and have men still falling over their feet to be with me lol
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