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  1. Hey there, i have GHSV 1 so I know it’s slightly different but I had prodrom symptoms for months even while taking valtrex. I’ve had it for 8 months and the prodrome finally stopped after my second outbreak in November. I think it’s our bodies just needing to recognize the virus and beat it down. I currently work nights full time in a stressful job so I think that’s what made this stupid virus stick around. I still feel like I’m itchy or sensitive down there sometimes but I think at this point it is mind over matter
  2. I’m so aggravated. I thought this was under control but last night I Developed a red spot on my bikini line area which is where I had my primary outbreak. I thought it was from friction as my pants are a bit on the tighter side and I’m on suppressive therapy now. Well I’m pretty sure it’s an outbreak which makes me so sad and disappointed. I had an outbreak around this time last month as well. I would say it revolves around my period but I have an IUD so I don’t get them anymore. I wish I could be a carrier that doesn’t get outbreaks or the physical symptoms of the tingling and itching and nerve pain. It would be so much easier to deal with without the constant reminder
  3. Sooo it sounds like you are more worried about your potential partner blabbering to the whole town. If you can’t trust her enough to keep this secret why would you want to be intimate with her? You also pointed out that other people in the town have it, so more than likely she will know someone this affects and possibly be more sympathetic. I would 100% disclose and let her make up her own mind. You said you haven’t had an outbreak in awhile and you also don’t take anti-vitals which is 100% your decision. However, the person I got it from didn’t know he had it so he obviously wasn’t on antivirals and he wore a condom and I still became infected. If you truly care about this woman then you would be honest from the get go. If you don’t disclose I think you would be starting this relationship out the wrong way. Plus how do you know she doesn’t have it? Personally I have only disclosed to a few friends and my mom no potential partners. But I also became infected back in May so I haven’t lived with it that long so I don’t know what disclosure is like. All of those people were supportive and do not treat me any differently. In fact my mom gets type 1 on her lip and another friend knows four people who have also told her just this year. It is so common and you shouldn’t have to hide it from someone you want to be intimate with.
  4. So I was diagnosed back in May and for months I had the constant prodrome symptoms without visible sores and was on and off acyclovir. I had my second outbreak in November and since then the constant prodrome symptoms have stopped. I feel a tingle every now and then but I think I’m just hypersensitive to any sensation that I get in my groin. I also have HSV 1 genitally. I think the first year it takes our bodies time to adjust and fight the virus since I’ve heard similar stories. I also switched to valcyclovir which in the beginning of taking I was getting those prodrome feelings but like I said it’s not as constant anymore
  5. So I’m a nurse and I had that societal stigma around herpes when I was fists diagnosed. Unless he is kissing or having sex with his patients he shouldn’t be so worried about it. My only fear would be getting an outbreak on my hand which obviously you can wear gloves and what not but I wouldn’t want to inadvertently transmit to a patient or co-worker. I don’t even want my co-workers to know I have it . I think it would be a great opportunity to teach him about it. After all it is so common and he’s probably come in contact with patients who have it in their med history. He could of been referring to the rare cases in which herpes can cause encephalopathy. I’ve worked on a neuro floor for 3 years now though and the result for HSV as a cause in these patients that I have have always come back negative for HSV
  6. He’s just a person like anyone else despite what he does for a living. I haven’t started dating yet but in talking with friends youll know if this is the sort of person you want to disclose something so personal with. If he rejects you then he wasn’t the one. Herpes is just a small part of you there is a much bigger picture to be seen. Also you don’t have to say something on the first date maybe if things progress to a point you feel you will be intimate in the near future you should have the talk
  7. Hey all, I was diagnosed back in May after what would have been my first one night stand at the age of 26. I was trying to get back into dating after my boyfriend had broken up with me in October (2017) i ultimately hit it off with this individual and the second time we hung out we ended up sleeping together. He says he didn’t know he had it which is common after all the research I’ve done but that sense of betrayal I felt was so real. Not only did he give me herpes but chlamydia as well. Sometimes I wonder if he hadn’t of given me the chlamydia if I would of even had an outbreak of herpes. Turns out it is HSV-1 which I heard doesn’t have as many outbreaks. I had my second outbreak in November which was definitely not as bad as the first and at least now I know what it feels like. I decided to go on suppressive therapy though just for peace of mind. Recently I had a couple spots break out on my leg but they don’t look or feel like herpes so I’m hoping I didn’t inadvertently transfer it to other parts of my body. Especially given I didn’t know what it was when I first came down with it. I’m especially afraid of contracting it on my hand or in my eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever washed my hands so much. Anyways that’s my story. Slowly learning to live with it day by day. Hoping I’ll accept it at some point and it won’t be constantly on my mind.
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