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  1. You are on the right track if you are getting counseling. It sounds as though you may have some PTSD from being sexually assaulted as well. I personally did not contract the virus from assault, but was already struggling with PTSD and borderline personality disorder from so much abuse in my past. This has sent me into a brand new shame spiral and I am looking into getting help myself. I'm glad I came across these forums because it made me realize so many people have felt the exact same thing and got past it. It's important to understand that healing is a very long process. You aren't going to wake up one day and just magically feel better. You have to give yourself time. It's ok to be negative some days, don't beat yourself up so much.
  2. Did you have a blood test done as well? If you have had the virus that many years the antibodies would show in your blood. It's very possible to have it for years and never have an outbreak.
  3. It's possible to get a false negative if the sores have already begun to heal and a proper swab can't be taken but it sounds like you got checked right away. Mine came back positive still even though my sores were a few days old. I was given acyclovir but it's effect was almost immediate. I'm inclined to think that if the antiviral isn't working then it may be something else. I hope you get answers soon!
  4. I only ever shaved once a week or so to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps anyway
  5. Just curious, but did she explain the science behind testing positive on the IGG and not on the Western Blot? Why is the Western Blot considered so much more accurate?
  6. Herpes sores take an average of 4 days to appear. Not very likely the next day. It takes months for antibodies to show in a blood test. The only accurate way to test an acute infection is by a swab test on an open sore.
  7. I was afraid to shave for a couple of months since I had my initial OB in February. What I had initially thought to be an ingrown hair turned out to be a herpes sore so I was very paranoid about any little bump or itch. But i have recently started shaving again and no irritation so far *fingers crossed* It's almost bikini season so I can't be going all hairy.
  8. There's commercial labs where you can order the blood test yourself without having to have a doctor order it. LabCorp is one but I'm not sure what's in your area. Or maybe check with your local health department. It does sound like coincidence that he would wake up sick 2 days later. I didn't feel sick at all until I was in a full blown outbreak which was almost a week later.
  9. Ignorance is definitely bliss but knowledge is power. In your case I would say try testing again. Antibodies build up over time so if it's been 4 or 5 years you would get a definite positive by now. There's no reason to freak your bf out if you don't know whether or not you have it.
  10. This is the printout I got from my doctor. I honestly don't know what all his symptoms were because he stopped talking to me after he got a negative result on his blood test. He doesn't want to believe he has it or gave it to me. I reached out to him when I got my results back but as soon as I asked hum his index value he shut down and left my messages on read. When I broke out I had a fever and body aches and a terrible headache along with my sores. I'm not a doctor or expert but it doesn't seem far fetched to me that someone can experience these things without the sores while shedding.
  11. Antibodies build up at different rates for everyone so that probably won't tell you much either. How long after you had sex did symptoms appear? Mine appeared within the week. My giver tested negative by blood test and denied giving it to me but I know it was him because 2 months later I'm still negative by blood test.
  12. I just laugh at people. I have had hsv 1 probably most of my life according to the off the charts index value on my IGG and never had a cold sore in my 31 years on this earth. But yes the lack of education is ridiculous. I really only know as much as I do because back in 2015 a doctor ordered an IGM test for me and told me I had "been exposed." Scared the shit out of me until I did some research.
  13. When you had your blood test did you ask them what your index value was? Sometimes that's how results get misinterpreted. I asked my doctor specifically for a print out of all my tests last time I went in and got checked. My last partner tested negative twice but he never told me what his index value was. He just happened to have a "head cold" a couple days after we had sex and then I started breaking out. So I'm fairly certain he was having an outbreak and not a cold at all. I've read conflicting information about transmission rates on Valtrex but I think they are fairly low. It wouldn't hurt for him to get a blood test himself. Although... in my experience they aren't that reliable.
  14. Strep is a form of bacteria so if they did a swab and in fact confirmed by lab testing that it was strep (which I would hope they did) then that would have nothing to do with herpes. Testing for bacteria and viruses are totally different.
  15. I will definitely have to check out that channel. I'm pretty new to these forums so I don't know who that is lol. How did she find out it was hpv? Is that not included in a regular STD panel? I had the full works done at my last visit and I was negative for everything except hsv1 which I've had for years like most people. Also I have PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. I spent years in counseling, taking meds and even a brief inpatient stint. I haven't had any of that in years and I felt like I was much more mentally stable until this happened. I do think God was trying to tell me something about the way I've been living. I appreciate the kind words and support
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