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  1. I haven't taken another one. I don't have insurance and don't really see the point since my culture was positive. I did try to stop taking acyclovir and had another breakout within the week which tells me my body hasn't built up antibodies.
  2. I think in normal, healthy kidneys the risk is pretty low but like I said mine have been compromised from high risk pregnancies.
  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4129723/ Here's the first one. I literally just Googled "acyclovir kidney" and there were a few articles. I got herpes in late January of this year.
  4. I'm so sorry you're having a difficult time! Divorce is tough anyway (I've been through two myself). I was very deeply depressed when I got hsv 2 back in January. I still struggle with it some days.... well a lot of days.... but someone in this forum suggested I talk to a counselor and I'm so glad I took their advice! There's a lot of good information and advice here.
  5. The person who gave it to me kept getting a negative blood test and telling me he didn't give it to me. It had to be him. I started breaking out a few days after we had sex, had not been with anyone else in months, and tested negative for antibodies as well. There's a possibility my blood test was wrong I suppose. I just don't trust them at all. But I do not believe I had it before him because any time I try to stop or decrease my antivirals I break out.
  6. A quick Google search showed multiple case studies where acyclovir was linked to kidney failure. As I've had preeclampsia twice, I am inclined to believe it's been a culprit to me retaining water weight. But it's all moot because I stopped taking it for nearly a week (and immediately dropped 6 lbs) and yesterday a blister came up 😩. I haven't tried any other medications but I guess I will have to talk to my doctor.
  7. I disclosed to him before we had sex how the last person infected me and then ghosted me. He wasn't fazed by it but I don't think he understands the emotional impact it had on me. Either way he doesn't pressure me physically when he can tell I'm not into it. He's good people.
  8. Damn that sucks. The person who gave it to me ghosted me entirely. His blood test came back negative so he swore he didn't give it to me. I later reached out to him to let him know that mine also came back negative which means we both acquired it recently. I hadn't been with anyone else in months so I know it was him. He had nothing to say. People can be really shitty.
  9. I raised my standards as well, although not at first. I actually let two loser exes come back into the picture just because I didn't think anyone else would want me. After that I decided to spend some time just working on myself and didn't date at all for a while. My current boyfriend sought me out and pursued me and didn't run away when I told him. Granted, I've never actually been rejected, not even after I got herpes. The person that gave it to me ghosted me afterward, which was very painful and messed me up in the head pretty bad. But I truly believe if you are patient and wait for someone that really wants to be with you it won't matter.
  10. It seems like you already reached out to her and she gave you her answer. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by reaching out to her family and friends? Doesn't seem like you are going to get the outcome you desire. Best to talk to a therapist.
  11. I don't have much of a sex drive anymore either. I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in Februrary and I was scared to have sex for months. I think a lot of it had to do with the person who gave it to me ghosting me immediately after. I'd never been treated like that before so it definitely added insult to injury. I've since gotten into a new relationship with the greatest guy and I feel like there's no sexual chemistry. I know that's 100% on my part. I was sexually abused as a very small child so I've always been a little skittish about being intimate anyway but never to the point where I don't want sex at all. I'm hoping this feeling will pass. Otherwise I have no words of encouragement except that I've been feeling the exact same way.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation to mine. I've been on Acyclovir since my initial OB back in February and my whole body has been off ever since. I credited a lot of it to the fact that I sank into a really deep depression but I'm doing much better mentally now and my body still feels broken. For one thing I've gained a significant amount of weight. I am an avid gym rat and I don't eat that much so 20-25 in a short amount of time is a problem. There was about a 2 month period where I had no motivation to work out and constantly stuffed my face but now I'm putting forth real effort and the scale is moving in the wrong direction. I've also gone back into treatment for BPD and PTSD. I've been on and off psych meds my entire life but this time it seems like they are making my panic attacks and insomnia worse. I can't find any literature saying whether acyclovir reacts with my medication and my psychiatrist didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I've also since gotten into a new relationship. I disclosed in the very beginning and told him I was on medication and he did not seem bothered at all. We were also drinking at the time so I'm not sure how to bring up the topic of "maybe I should stop taking my medication." I feel like that's partly his decision too since it could potentially affect him.
  13. I have yet to be rejected after disclosing except for the person who gave it to me (THAT was shitty) but I wouldn't have blamed them a bit for bouncing. If I could go back in time and not go home with my giver I would do it in a heartbeat.
  14. Well this post took an unexpected turn. I was in a somewhat similar situation (the person who gave me hsv 2 just stopped talking to me cause I have hsv 2) and the best thing I did was seek counseling. If it is available to you, please do it. I have dealt with a lot of trauma in my past (everything from child sexual abuse to physical abuse to legal problems) and I thought I was pretty darn tough until this. It's a lot for a person to go through.
  15. Your index value is just a measure of the antibodies in your blood. Blood tests do not detect HSV, only your immune system's reaction to it. Generally the higher your index value, the longer you've had it. Although everyone's body builds antibodies at different rates.
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