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  1. Well this post took an unexpected turn. I was in a somewhat similar situation (the person who gave me hsv 2 just stopped talking to me cause I have hsv 2) and the best thing I did was seek counseling. If it is available to you, please do it. I have dealt with a lot of trauma in my past (everything from child sexual abuse to physical abuse to legal problems) and I thought I was pretty darn tough until this. It's a lot for a person to go through.
  2. Your index value is just a measure of the antibodies in your blood. Blood tests do not detect HSV, only your immune system's reaction to it. Generally the higher your index value, the longer you've had it. Although everyone's body builds antibodies at different rates.
  3. Well... as a female... my initial OB caused a paper cut sore close to where it comes out so yes that caused some irritation. But once that sore healed no it didn't hurt to pee.
  4. I haven't experienced this with picking up my acyclovir but I once caught chlamydia from a now ex boyfriend and the pharmacist was really rude about giving me a double dose of my medication (which the doctor at PP had prescribed for me because I was in what was supposed to be a monogamous relationship) for him. She told me they "don't do that" even though I looked into it and it's a thing. Obviously if one person has an STD there's a second person infected. Also once when I was in high school my mom had me put on birth control to regulate my periods and the pharmacy tech had the nerve to ask her why I was on birth control. First of all, I was still a virgin. People who are in the medical field are taught in school that they are supposed to be impartial and non judgemental. If we didn't need meds they wouldn't have jobs. That behavior is not acceptable and I'm glad you spoke to her manager.
  5. He sounds like a jerk honestly. I went through a similar situation where the person who gave it to me just stopped talking to me because I had an outbreak... 3 days after we had sex. It really hurt my feelings, but honestly.... the problem was him not me. Are you positive for HSV 1 or 2? If it's 1 most people have it orally and you can get it from lots of sources so there really is no reason to feel like a whore.
  6. Yes. As your body builds antibodies the numbers go up. I'm not sure how high they go but my HSV-1 results just said >5. Anything over 1.1 is considered positive.
  7. At first I only told my ex boyfriend because a) I wasn't 100% sure who gave it to me and b) he kept trying to get back with me. Turned out it was a recent exposure and I hadn't been with anyone but my giver in months so I didn't tell anyone else for a while. I slowly started telling close friends just because the stress of keeping it in was eating me alive. I started having counseling sessions with my pastor of all people and that made it easier to talk about. I haven't told my family because really... I'm not at risk for passing genital herpes to them so that's just a personal call. I don't feel like they are in the "need to know" category. Another one of my exes recently started trying to come back into the picture so I disclosed to him as well. I kind of thought disclosing that I had herpes to my exes would be a deterrent and they would leave me alone but it didn't work . On the bright side I've realized that if someone really wants you, they won't care.
  8. No I get what you're saying, just there's not much point in me getting a WB done for myself because I already know I have it. Theres very little margin for false positives on a swab test, although it CAN happen. It may benefit my giver or anyone with conflicting diagnoses to have one. Personally I have had no issues on acyclovir and have come to terms with having it, although the circumstances surrounding how I got really hurt my feelings and put me in a deep depression at first.
  9. A "high" negative is a negative. I already know I have hsv 2 because i had an outbreak and had it swabbed. The point is that blood tests cannot detect the virus, they only measure your body's immune system to it. That's why my giver thinks he isn't the one that gave it to me, because he didnt have any antibodies at the time. There is no need for me to have WB because I had an outbreak. Anti-virals suppress the virus, not antibodies.
  10. The test I took listed values of .9 to 1.1 as equivocal. Anything under is negative and anything over is positive.
  11. I haven't done the WB because I can't afford it. My IgG was .53 and I took it 9 weeks after exposure. So that was an acute infection. I don't know what his values were because he wouldn't tell me. Don't know when he would have been exposed either but it would have had to have been recently. I'm not sure what test he took either. He stopped talking to me because I have herpes (which I'm 150% sure he gave to me).
  12. Well the person who gave it to me is out living his best life because his IgG came back negative (mine also came back negative but the sores that developed a few days after being with him did not) while I spiraled into a deep depression for several months. At first I felt like it must be nice to be on the other end of it but we are better off knowing. And so far I've disclosed to two people and they didn't care.
  13. Yes most people have HSV-1 but it typically favors the mouth and causes cold sores. And then for some people it never causes anything. My index for hsv-1 was so high I've probably had it for years although I've never had a cold sore in my life. Most people who have either strain of the virus don't even know they have it and that's why there is so much misinformation about it. So we aren't alone, we just don't get to live in blissful ignorance of it.
  14. That's understandable. The person that gave it to me had no idea he had it. I read somewhere a study showed that 9 out of 10 people who tested positive were not aware of it at all.
  15. Those are high numbers so you have had it for some time. Surgery wouldn't trigger formation of antibodies but could trigger future OBs. Some people never have an outbreak though. Also the CDC doesn't recommend hsv testing in a regular std panel so that's likely why you've never been told you have it.
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