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  1. Appreciate all the thoughtful and supportive people here.
  2. Your story is so inspiring Kristen. "ask yourself if they have earned the right to see your vulnerable places and if they haven't, wait..." spoke to be so loudly. Shame is such an incredibly toxic thing and I too have had so much in my life. I've been learning it's about me loving myself enough to choose who's earned the right to know ME. I'm also learning that as I bring those dark painful places into Light, they become less scary and have less power. Reading of such inspiring and courageous people who share their stories here in this place gives me hope and courage for when I will choose to share my story. Thanks for being one of the courageous ones <3
  3. I am always amazed (I shouldn't be), at the power of words. I didn't realize how much my heart needed to hear those words @herry. Thank you. I am grateful for this place, in awe that you found it only a month after you were diagnosed (I am glad I found it, even if it took awhile). I've lived with this and all it's shame for way too long (23 years, a lost child, a marriage who's main reason of exisitance was b/c of this thing, then lived through the divorce 15 years later). It's been 8 years I've been on my own and tonight reading those words...they hit something deep inside again...that place of wanting such loving support as found in this forum. Thanks.
  4. Wow! The timing of these is so funny...was just sharing with a friend, the power of a simple statetment he made; and now again....the power of words and the ability they have to shape how I perceive myself; and this annoying virus. Words are such an incredibly powerful thing. It reminds me that it is so important to take care with the words we share with others and at this moment in my life, the words I say to myself. "Healing is a journey, not a destination"...thanks for sharing those powerful videos.
  5. Wow! Empowering words for the journey of healing...this journey of life.
  6. Pam...you truly are such encouragment and inspiration. I take great support personally from the words you share! "All honey"...is one meaning of this name and you are so incredibly sweet even when sharing hard truths b/c you share with such love. Thank you for being so inspiring. From one Pam to another <3
  7. Your story...the courage to face that last hurdle, whatever the motivation was, is so incredibly inspiring. Thank you. For sharing your story and for the words of empowerment. "Sometimes what looks like a lion in the shadows is really just a housecat with a light behind it"...shedding light on those shadows takes the scary away! Tears...are so cleansing and healing. I had one of those cries a few months ago, after I found this site...and realized I was treating myself (especially in realtion to this H thing) more horrid than I would ever treat a friend in a million years. It has been the beginning of my own healing journey, as I learn to first be authentic with myself; changing those awful lies I've told myself over the last many years, into empowering loving thoughts.
  8. Such a powerful statement...."I am so much more and offer so much more than this..." Thank you for those words.
  9. I couldn't agree more....so way beyond just sex and herpes...it's a heart/soul changing outlook on one's life.
  10. New here too and this site has been such a gift. @WCSDancer2010...such a great perspective "we've had a delayed reaction with the reality of H"....me too and now just have to hang on to those people who accepted me and have that be brighter than the times and dread that comes with those who haven't. Still taking baby steps on this site and the support is wonderful.
  11. Beautiful poem. And such a great distinction between needing and yearning.
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