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  1. I’ve had Herpes type 1 on my vagina for 3 Year’s now. I was in a relationship with a man the whole time and now that I’m single I’ve been exploring my sexuality with women but it’s also scary for me. My anxiety is at an all time high when I get physical with women and usually i stop because I’m scared I’m going to give them herpes. Whether I’m licking their nipples or kissing them or getting more sexual etc. I’m scared they’ll get herpes. Does anyone have any advice besides disclose to them? I’m trying to educate myself more on this but it just gets me depressed because I still feel like my life is over. I also want to add Im 19 with one sexual partner.
  2. It could be, you know everyone’s body reacts to it differently. LOL same, if I knew I was gonna get herpes after the second person I had sex with I would of dabbled in things more. Anyway I hope you’re feeling better. Sending lots of love and positivity your way. Remember don’t let it get to you so much, your mind makes it worse than it really is.
  3. Hi there 👋🏽 I was in a similar position when I found out two years ago that I have herpes. Going though this journey I found out that you would of had herpes without knowing this whole time and you would know if you had an outbreak which leads me to my next question, did you ever get bumps down there? It would hurt when you pee, they would ooze liquid or anything of that matter? Regardless just know you love life isn’t over. Someone will eventually come around wanna marry you & will want to have kids with you. That was my biggest fear as well and joining this group was an eye opener for me. It made me realize that no matter who you, what you do, how many degrees you have you can get herpes BUT just because you got herpes doesn’t mean your life is over. Read up on and educate yourself on it, the more you know the less scary it will be. I was depressed for months about it and lost over 30lbs, it’s not healthy. Please try to push through it because you are strong. You will survive this and be stronger than ever. The beginning is always the hardest but you have this group & it’ll get better.
  4. Try not to stress about it because stressing just makes it worse. Go to your doctor and see if can prescribe you Valacyclovir. Try to wear lose clothes and Whenever you’re home not to wear underwear. Taking Advil helps as well. That’s what has helped me. I hope you feel better
  5. Hi guys so I’ve had genital HSV-1 for over a year now and now all of a sudden I’m starting to get little white bumps on my lip. Can it be herpes? I’m so confused because I thought if I would have an outbreak it would be on my genitalia not my actual lips 👄 . I’m freaking out and I just need answers. Has this happened to someone before? Can you get it on your face and your genitalia??
  6. @mr_hopp thank you so much for responding. I felt a bit down since I didn’t get a response & ive seen other post. Thank you for your wise words. I’m definitely learning about herpes as I go. My anxiety gets really bad when I think about it and I’ve been slowly been tryna educate myself so I can deal with it. I will deff read the links you sent. Once again thank you so much for even noticing my post
  7. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years and it’s been a year since i found out he gave me Herpes. I have HSV-1 On my genitalia. It’s been a year and I still get depressed about it and very sad because he was my second partner ever & this happened. I’m not so happy in my relationship but I feel like this is the best it’ll get. Ever since I found out I have herpes i feel like no one will ever want me so I should just settle. I also have realized I have resentment towards him because of this. I’m the only one who has dealt with multiple outbreaks including on my birthday which freaking sucked and mostly because of the fact that he was the second person I’ve ever had sex with. I felt my life was a bad episode on a show. PS sorry if I repeated myself a lot, this is the first time EVER that I’m able to speak abou this because no one else besides my boyfriend knows. It’s just hard and I’m so glad I found this page.
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