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So it will be a year this month that I have had GHSV2. I am now interested in getting back into the dating world; however I still have questions about dos and don’ts of a sexual relationship with someone. Can one of the veterans in here let me know some things that may be different now in a sexual relationship than it may have been before diagnosis? I would start taking antivirals once I meet someone and using protection as well. But can they perform oral at all on me? Can they touch me at all down there? I just want to make sure all of my questions are answered and that I know everything so I know how to answer a potential partner who may have tons of questions before pursuing a relationship with me. Thanks!

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Yes they can perform oral sex. I’ve had hsv2 for a year now, (ik I’m not a veteran, but I hadn’t seen any comments lol) still do all the normal things. It shouldn’t & doesn’t stop you. Download the owners e-book & handouts it’ll tell ur the facts & stats & also how passing hsv2 to mouth is practically impossible. 

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On 1/9/2020 at 11:05 AM, DoesntDefineMe said:

Thank you! Have you had a lot of luck with partners accepting you? I just hit a year of having GHSV2 and luckily have only had one outbreak since my first. Just ready to get back into the dating world and want to make sure I have all the facts to feel confident when I disclose. 

No problem, & So far I’ve only disclosed to one parter & he was chill about it because to most it’s really no big deal! But yes I encourage you to get ur stats & facts because the more confident & comfortable you sound the more accepting the outcome will be. There’s a tag on here that lets you hear others herpes disclosures success stories to give you more encouragement :)

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I wish it were too but maybe that's a good thing in that this is not something that is as big of a deal as us newly diagnosed feel that it is.  I just got HSV2 last month and I'm still having a hard time coming to terms with it.  In fact it took about a month for all the symptoms and side effects of my first outbreak to go away so now that I'm "feeling" a bit normal again I'm venturing back into the dating scene but I know now that it's going to be different.  Trying to navigate this new norm is a bit tough to figure out so I enjoy reading what people post in here to give insight, tips, advice, etc.

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Hello.. it’s been 4months since I’ve been diagnosed with hsv2. Sex is ok, not my norm but I’m still satisfied. We use finger condoms and I haven’t got any oral since before all of this happened. We know the facts, but for us it’s about being comfortable. I’m sure you have done some research so you should know nothing is 100% preventable but just be open with your partner, be patient and be understanding. For me sex is getting better over time. What seem awkward at first (watching him put on finger condoms) now gets me going lol. But to answer your questions they say it’s possible to have a “normal” sex life. It has to be true because babies are being made lol. The more you know and is able to educate your partner the better it will be. 

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