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Lower abdomen/pelvis/hip pain

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I had my first GHSV outbreak about 9 months ago...haven’t had another since...for the first 6 months I had constant prodrome symptoms..tingling/burning/itching in my vagina but that went away around the 6 month mark...

once that went away I suddenly started having weird pain in my lower abdomen..pelvic area...and right hip...this has been going on for about 4 months now..


is this normal or has anyone else experienced that? I had an ultrasound and there’s nothing show up on that...I’m wondering if it’s HSV related? I heard it takes some time for your body to adjust and it affects nerves...it feels like muscle/nerve pain...

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Thank you so much for responding. 
Doctors seem to think it’s not related to HSV at all and that it’s tight pelvic floor muscles but I never had this problem until HSV....I’m hoping it goes away after the 1 year mark because sex is not an option at all when I have this daily nerve pain....

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@lil devy not yet. I really feel like it’s nerve pain. My gyno is ordering an MRI with contrast dye to rule out a hernia because of the location of my pain even though she doesn’t see or feel one. Very nervous because I’ve never had an MRI or contrast dye before!! 

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@lil devy the contrast dye is an IV and I heard you’re right that it makes your pelvic area warm almost like you peed yourself and then you have to drink a lot of water after to flush it out of your system. I’ve never had an IV (not good with needles) and I’m scared I’m allergic to contrast dye but I’ve never had it so it’s all in my head lol. They don’t think it’s a hernia really but they want to rule it out because of where my pain is so we’ll see! 

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@lil devy never did the MRI, insurance declined it.

ive been going to pelvic floor therapy for about 3 months. Last week I felt a weird release and my hip pain level went from 6 to about a 2 which is a huge improvement.

we are focusing on my psoas muscle because that seems to be very tight on my right side (where I feel the pelvic and hip pain). 

hoping it’ll help if I can strength and relax my psoas muscle! We’ll see...always searching for answers.

how are you feeling???? 

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@Blue1982 I still have pain and I’m going to the urologist this week so I’m scared for what they’re guna tell me bc I’ve been like this since September and they been kinda shrugging me off with giving me any sort of antibiotics or anything for my pain.

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