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I could really use all the support

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A couple days ago I started experiencing extreme vaginal irritation and pain, with small bumps on and around my labia making it really painful to urinate. I thought it was just a really bad yeast infection, but I decided to go to the ER anyway just in case. I was examined and the room became troubled with worried expressions. Without telling me anything, the doctors went outside to deliberate. I waited for a bit until my doctor came back saying she was going to give me some meds right then and there. I asked her what was going on and she sat down. She told me that the other doctors think I have herpes. I was in disbelief, I asked if it could possibly be anything else and she said it might not be a possibility of anything else since the doctor who examined me is an expert in vaginal things. I cried, I broke down, I tried everything in my power to manifest that it wasn't herpes, even when I was getting blood test and my first round of antivirals and pain meds. The doctor came back in and we had a chat about what herpes was and how I was feeling and about the things I could do to sooth the extreme irritation. And since I had not gotten my test results back yet, I still had hope for it to be something else, something less permanent, less serious. I told the people I needed to tell about the possible diagnosis a little later, and I could not be anymore touched that everyone was so supportive and kind. But I was still in unbelievable pain(I still am) I was taking what I thought was anti virals until I realized that everything was just pain meds and I did not walk out the pharmacy with my important medication. This was two days after the diagnosis, which is today when I'm writing this. I have my anti virals now, but I have to wait for them to work over the course of 10 days until I clear up from these painful sores. I also just got the official HSV1 diagnosis today which was disheartening to hear, but all I can hope for right now is to heal quickly and not have to deal with burning urination anymore. But I'm not sure how I am going to deal with the emotions of all this. I've already told all my partners to go get checked. I'm really tired, I have no appetite(which is not like me, I'm a real foodie), and im full of medication. I need advice, support, a friend, anything to help me get through this.

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@devilsorchidso you had only blood test? Not swab? Do you have a history of cold sores? Did you have oral sex days before outbreak? 

If your blood test is positive then this is an established infection which means that you are infected several months ( it usually takes 3 months after infection for igg test to be positive) or longer. 


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I went through a similar situation that you did.  I had the worst pain and irritation from my first outbreak.  I also have genital HSV1.  I have only had one outbreak so far but I'm always in constant fear that anything I feel is an oncoming outbreak.  During my outbreak, which lasted about 6 weeks, I used Hydrocortisone and Lidocaine for healing and pain.  It seemed to helped a lot.  I started taking the Valtrex as well. 

Its very common for people to have flu like symptoms when they are their initial outbreak.  Like Bloomer said, since your blood test was positive, its an infection that you could have had for quite awhile.  I had tested positive in 2015 for HSV1 antibodies and didn't have an outbreak until 2022.  The virus can lay dormant in your body so it might be hard to establish when the virus came in contact with your body.  HSV1 is normally an oral thing but nowadays its becoming more common in the genital region because the increase of oral sex but the good thing is that HSV1 in the genital region can also mean less outbreaks in general.  I have learned a lot on this forum, so you can always search for key words and find old topics to help you.  

I know getting the H diagnosis can be devastating but its not the end of the world.  Hopefully your significant other is supportive and understanding.  


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On 2/21/2023 at 3:42 AM, Bloomer said:

@devilsorchidso you had only blood test? Not swab? Do you have a history of cold sores? Did you have oral sex days before outbreak? 

If your blood test is positive then this is an established infection which means that you are infected several months ( it usually takes 3 months after infection for igg test to be positive) or longer. 


Yeah. I got the swab. It hurt lol. I possibly got in the summer from someone I thought loved me and I thought I loved. It's been over a month since the initial out break now. I'm doing much better. But it was odd to me that it took so long for me to have an outbreak when it usually would appear two weeks after

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Hello.. how long did the outbreak last?  I was so swollen for 3 days could hardly walk. Took 4 days off of work.  I’m so confused how I got this 9 months after being with same guy. 

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@PoppiVera My first outbreak lasted 6 weeks unfortunatly.  Once it felt like the blisters and cuts were healing, they would come back.  I've read that only the first outbreak is that extreme and future outbreaks will be more mild.  I have not had my second outbreak yet so I am not sure if thats true.  Its probably different for everyone.

As for getting HSV after you've been with someone for a certain amount of time... HSV can lay dormant in your body for any amount of time.  It took me 7 years to have my first outbreak and some people never have outbreaks and are just asymptomatic.   So either you were previously exposed to HSV before your relationship, or you could have gotten it from your parnter now.  

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