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Coming out of a relationship feels scary

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I recently came out of a relationship, I didn't want it to end but it was her decision and being alone is scaring me. It's not the first time I've been through this but all those "forever alone" thoughts are flooding back and the thought of disclosing again seems too hard to bare. Anyone been through something similar and have any advice? I'm trying to focus on myself more than anything but it's a future thought that worries me 

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I feel your pain. I just recently divorced after 22 years. The familiar chaos was hard to let go of, now the thought of disclosure to someone new scares me half-to-death. My fear is the "broken heart". I choose to fill my time with household projects. Learning new things all the time. I spend my spare time with good friends. We hike or bike ride. Some day someone will come along. I just dont know how I'll react when that happens. So, for the time being I try not to "future trip". I also fear the feeling of being alone, but I'm really not "alone". I have friends, family and co workers. I have a God that takes care of me and loves me despite my sin. Hang in there and just take care of yourself. I feel I'm preaching to the choir. Dont loose faith in humanity. Someday love will happen again for us and we wont be alone to face the future. 

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I lost my husband of 27 years 3 and 1/2 years ago. I disclosed to him and he told me he'd be the last person I'd ever have to tell, and he was until he passed. I've had this 41 years and have disclosed more times than I can count. I am a female, I keep myself in excellent shape (not sure if that has helped) and have never had an issue with the disclosure. I am about to disclose to somebody that I met recently. I will do it matter of factly and give him the transmission information right from this site. He will either accept it or he won't! And I will move on either with him or without! I'm a very blessed woman. I have amazing family and friends and my life is completely full! I'm happy to have a companion to experience life with, but I'm also happy to do things on my own. Life is exactly what we make it!

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