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Success stories of LTR's where one partner has herpes and one doesn't?

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Is there any place I can find stories of couples who have had this where one partner was H+ and one H-??? I'd like some info/stats on how they coped with it, how/if the other person got it, etc. I'm going to be talking on a Podcast in Dec and I think it would be good to have some good "Positive" info on the reality of dating a H+ person when you are H- .

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There are plenty of success stories here, quite a few still together as far as I know:



As far as successful long term relationships, there are plenty. It just so happens that there's a trend that after our fellow H Opportunists have an awesome, connecting herpes talk, they tend to not come back to the forums and put their energy more into their budding loves. :)


I was in a 3-year relationship with a woman who didn't have herpes and through the whole 3 years, we decided that I would take suppressive therapy and we didn't use condoms. I took care of my body and health and was very aware of any prodrome symptoms to keep her H-. She never did get herpes. The relationship ended for "common" reasons ... we slowly grew apart. It was a beautiful connection.

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I've had 2 - three year relationships where I didn't pass it on too.


It would be a really useful tool to have an e-booklet with real life stories of people in this kind of relationship to be able to show someone who you are dating but may need reassurance that with proper precautions, they have a minimal likelihood of getting the virus...

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Yep, I agree. It's a great idea! There are so many projects I'd love to do like that. For now, I'm concentrating on putting together a powerful home study course so people who are suffering now can stop suffering and live inspired, love-filled lives. It's awesome! :)


Would you like to help out by compiling all those success stories? I can design it into an awesome lil booklet that we can provide through the site if you're up for helping out! :)

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I'd love to help - Tho I think it might be useful if you could contact those who have disappeared to ask if they are still in the relationship and their experiences. Perhaps send out an email to them, ask for an update. As you said, once people are successful they often disappear.


I'd be happy to organize them into something that might help people.... I'm personally looking for info on people who are in relationships of a minimum of 2-3 years - the longer the better IMO. Anything to show that with precautions and healthy practices, there is a good chance you won't pass it on... and even if you do, the relationship ultimately trumps the issue of the Herpes virus.


I figure I am LESS of a risk because I KNOW I have Herpes - unlike so many who believe they have been tested and thus are operating within that belief that they are "clean" when in fact they are not. Anything that I can find to help put all this into perspective is great.....



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Great! We'll talk more in-depth about this project on our upcoming Skype call. :)


And yes, the more you know about herpes, the less risk there is of passing herpes on. Knowledge creates safety. The fact that over 80% of the 16% of Americans who have herpes don't know they have it means that "ingrown hair" that wouldn't otherwise stop you from having sex is actually a herpes outbreak that can be passed. We know better because we know our outbreaks and we know our prodrome symptoms.


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Im still a newbie...3-4 weeks with a Dx and Im still going thru the motions of healing my emotions; however, I must say as bummed as I was about the Dx, the success stories gave me hope and warmed my heart that I still had a wonderful future to look forward to and Im sure if there was a compilation of success stories, it would give others a great hope too instead of feeling a sense of devastation





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