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Herpes itch itch itch.... Normal?

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It hasn't even been a month since I was testes H+ with h1&2. My main outbreak blister is gone, no more stinging sore.... I've been on suppressive therapy. But before my ob I had a crazy itch... Razor burn looking bumps on my bikini area and public bone area.... And it has yet to go away. Should I call the dr to prescribe ointment? Is there such a thing? I usually wax (Brazilian) is that wise bc I'm up for my appointment soon. Itch itch itch.... Grrrrr driving me nuts. Can anyone please provide insight.... Could this be something else? Is THIS a form of outbreak??????

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Supposedly, epsom salt baths help with the itch. Can't give you much insight because I really didn't itch during my outbreak (ive only had one). I itched like only a couple times when I peed 2 days BEFORE any bumps came. When the bumps came I didn't itch at all. But I did epsom salt baths and didn't itch. It's cheap, easy, and relaxing. Highly recommend. I've also read that many women sometimes experience a yeast infection after the initial outbreak. Are you itching in your woman hole or outside the woman hole?

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Hi Molly,



yep I do have itchy feeling too ,even if I don't get an outbreak. Its not every day sometimes I don't have symptom's for a 1 or 2 weeks but its coming and going for short while , sometimes without any reason.....so long you don't get any spots you don't need to worry to much but I know its really really annoying feeling.

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Sorry to hear your having such a itchy outbreak, I know the feeling. I've only had to and mine itch like crazy. I take two Epsom salt baths a day (3 handfulls)and use aveeno natural colloidal oatmeal body wash. The dollar general store brand worked fine too (they were sold out the brand name) the itch was gone with the first bath and the blisters nearly vanished after the second. I let the soap sit right on it and put the salt between my legs in the tub...works for me.

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The itch drove me crazy...i used cortisol cream and even though the itch was always close to my rectum, vagisil worked best for me


Some ppl also get Rx'd lidocaine...


I also would soak in epsom salt with a blend of teatree oil/lavendar


Sometimes I also sat on an iced gel pack. H doesnt like cold it likes warm moist places, mine cleared up by keeping the area dry too


I experienced the same as u....


Blistering at first...it healed but an insane H OB of itchiness followed and I felt like my acyclovir was taking forever to kick in



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