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Hi all. Just signed up today after reading the posts for a few months. I was diagnosed with HSV2 a few months ago and it was sad for me. I've never had any symptoms (that i can recall) and I asked for the test after finding out its not included. So, I have never been tested for H before and have no clue when I got it (I'm 30 yrs old). It's kind of strange to know I have something but can't actually see anything. It's an odd feeling. I accept it & I've realized that life is so much more than herpes. The guy I have been sexually involved with (mostly unprotected) for the last 6 months or so just got his test results back and he doesn't have it. I'm so glad for him but it makes me even more confused about testing positive. Has anyone had the same experience that I have? Tested positive but no noticeable symptoms? Any advice?

I'm really happy to have found this site for support & to hopefully give support too!

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@Yadira - First, welcome! Glad you found us.


To get straight to your question ... yes, you CAN have it and not have any visible/noticeable symptoms. 80% of the population has it and doesn't know they have it. You see, that's the problem. People spread it because it's not tested for (but they think it is) with the regular STD tests so they blissfully go about their lives thinking they are "safe".


I have a client who had her FIRST outbreak over 30 years into her marriage - she was totally clueless that she had it.


Have you read the handouts and E-book Adrial has provided? Lots of great info in there:







Disclosure e-book:



We are here for you if you have any more questions... or if you just need some support. This is an awesome community and we are glad you have joined us!



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hi and thanks for the reply! Yes I have read the handouts and I know that many many many people have it and don't even know! It sucks to have something and not even know it. I am very thankful that I know now and that I can protect any future partners. I think I'm concerned with daily life with having herpes. Are there things I need to do differently (aside from sex)? I'm not really concerned with having sex right now. I just want to be able to manage it better -mentally. Does that make sense? :-)

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Best thing you can do is reduce stress. It's one of the biggest triggers for Herpes.


I've lived with it all my life and the only time it affects me really is when I have to have "the talk". Except that now that I am "out of the closet", even that is minimal because I am not hiding my H status from anyone. Yes, I may have to talk about it with a future partner, but the relationship will now start with full disclosure. I may have to educate any future H- partners but at least if we get that far it's because they are willing to overlook the Herpes issue ..


Otherwise I live life just like anyone else :)

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Well you don't know how long you've had herpes because you didn't have an outbreak when you contracted or you had an outbreak so small you thought it was razor burn or something. Don't stress because the fact you didn't know shows how little it's been affecting your life! Don't change a thing just keep an eye on how your body feels

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