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Disclosure regarding the possibility of herpes to partner

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Ten months ago I had unprotected sex with a female. About one month later I got paper cut like blisters on my groin and a blister on the penis head. After that, I had bad itching for about 5 months until I put Lotrimin on my groin. Two doctors diagnosed it as a male yeast infection and I had a negative HSV2 blood test at the 6 month point. The Lotrimin cleared it up but the itching/tingling has recently returned. I would like some advice on how to proceed in a new relationship. I don't want to have the herpes talk if in fact I don't actually have herpes, but of course I don't want to spread this virus. Once again two doctors said it was yeast, but they didn't get to see or swab the blister I had. I will be going to see a dermatologist, but I doubt there is much he can tell me. It's kind of tormenting me with worry. Thanks for any advice.

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Do you know what you number was on your lab work? I would retest as well if I were you. When it comes to a new relationship, if you are currently dating someone or not, here's my thoughts. What's the rush? Take your time getting to know each well, become best freinds before throwing sex in the mix. Assuming that you are looking for something more real, meaningful, and satisfying. now if your just looking casual sex relations, then disclose. The mean time look into getting a clear definete answer. There Is only 1 test considered to be about 99% accurate; The Western Blot. Do your research, not all doctors order it and very few labs run it. I would recommend an infectious disease.doctor, since this would be part of their specialty.If u are and/or meet someone u want to be intimate with before u have clear answer. Just tell them the truth, tell them your story and that you are working to finding answer. If the woman is a quality, ooen-minded.and understanding person who stays after the "talk", then she a keeper. If she were to leave, then who wants someone which would walk out on you because of H?

There links to aid with how to have the "talk" with some.I'm sure someone will alse respond and post ghe links.

Weclome! I hope any of thise is helpful to u

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First - welcome! You have found a great wonderful place to get your questions answered and get support from people who understand your situation.


You definitely need to get to a Urologist or Planned Parenthood or a dermatologist to get a more accurate diagnosis. Sadly many Family practitioners are way behind on their knowledge of Herpes :(


You say you had an HSV2 blood test - were you tested for HSV1 too? Because that could well be what you have....esp if you had oral sex with that partner as well (tho she would have passed you HSV1 genitally too)


And here are the links Aimee referred to






Disclosure e-book:



Peace :)

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Ok thank you for the info. I did go to a derm and he looked and said it was eczema. The way he described eczema seemed to fit. I guess all I can do is get another blood test for hsv 1/2 and the hopefully move on from this.

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