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Waiting to have sex with herpes ...

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Serious question folks,

I'm in a monogamous relationship. It's fairly new. We have only had sex once and literally the next day I got my

First HSV 1 outbreak. I know it didn't come from him. I am fairly certain it came from a guy I was dating

A few weeks prior.


My current beau and I have only had sex once! It sucks not being able to sleep with him.

We are trying to find alternative ways to have fun (blowjobs, above the waist stuff, etc).

My doctor put me on suppressive therapy. I have finished my anti virals for the

First outbreak and I have been on the Valcyclovir for 3 days.

How long should we wait to have sex? My sores have completely healed and fallen

Off about three days ago...

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First - this is great - Herpes has helped you find lots of other fun ways to be intimate besides sex.... we tell people that all the time... glad you chose to not let H stop you from being intimate yet also not using it as an excuse to whine that you couldn't have sex.... there are soooo many fun things we can do without penetration and H just helps us to keep things spiced up, eh?


And glad your new partner is not phased by the new diagnosis :) Good for him!


I would wait at least 10 days. That should be enough to get it built into the system...BUT, you are in your first year so you may have more frequent breakouts...just be very aware of your body and if in doubt, find something else to amuse yourselves with :)


Good luck :)

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well sure its not the best start of an relationship to get directly an outbreak but it gives you time to know each other bit more and get a stronger connection with each other and as I can see your new partner support you and he accept you as person with or without herpes.

to your question I for sure would wait a little bit more, I guess 1 or 2 weeks after the last things fall of would put the risk down. If you in a relationship with an non herpes Partner it would be best if you stay on suppressive therapy to low down the risk of transmission to more then 50 percent. With valtrex +condoms the transmission rate will be round 1-2 percent.


You both already play round with alternative stuff so you have sex already, sex is not only stick his dick inside you :) .

Enjoy your time together till you get better.

Have a good day

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