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Encouragement for those recently diagnosed with herpes ...

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Awhile ago, I found a picture online with a guy standing in the snow with his head down that read, "EVEN THOUGH IT STILL HURTS NOW, YOU WILL LOOK BACK AND REALIZE THAT IT CHANGED YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER".


This photo gave me inspiration, so I made it my cellphone background to remind myself that although I still struggle with regret and the emotional pain of having this condition, that for whatever reason I have it, it HAS and WILL CONTINUE to bring about changes in my life for the better. I am allowing this condition to make me a better and stronger person.


I have decided to love and treat myself better. And to those, like myself who are still getting acquainted with this condition. DON'T LET IT BREAK YOU... ALLOW IT TO MAKE YOU INTO A BETTER HUMAN BEING WITH MUCH TO GIVE TO YOURSELF AND THE WORLD.


You are learning to love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY :-)

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Hello..im brand new to this blog...just got diagnosed today....I had a swab culture test done Thursday and results today said pos for herpes.....I freaked cried for an hr.....im still in shock...I even went out and got a blood test done....even tho I heard they are not accurate...your words encouraged me. Im glad I have found this blog. Day one of acyclovir:(

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Hello Confused1988 - and Welcome


First I want you to know that you WILL be fine.... promise.


And yes - the blood test at this point (assuming you are recently exposed to the virus) may not be accurate - it takes 4-6 months to get up enough antibodies in the blood to show up in the IgG test ... the IgM (which is used for recent exposure) isn't very accurate.


Anyhow, there's a ton of info here - read all the discussions that you can, go read the Blogs, and then ask questions, rant, and contribute away :)



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@confused1988 it's really hard news at first but just relax... wait until the blood test comes back for possible confirmation. We are here for you. You don't have to deal with this alone. Before I was diagnosed, I was really misinformed about the condition but now I realize that even though it's tough it's nowhere near as bad as I thought. You can live through this... just gather your strength. If you ever need to talk/vent feel free to inbox me. :-) You will be okay...

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Thank you so much for your words. I really thought it was a yeast infection gone wrong. I was diagnosed with HSV 1 last year....and now this. I think the hardest part is knowing that I will have this for the rest of my life. I just got back together with an ex and I told him right away. He seemed understanding and he told me he loves me no matter what..but im not too sure he understands that I could give it to him..im scared the more he learns....he will change his mind. :( I wish I could take back time :(

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Hmm, that's what I thought it was before I was diagnosed. Try not to focus on "living with it forever"... it only adds more to the emotional stress. (Plus, there is always hope that someone discovers the cure, or at least something that completely reduces/ends transmission!) This condition just seems dreadful because of the social stigma due to misinformation, but in reality it's only a non life threatening virus that like prefers the "moisten" parts of our body (mouth and privates). If your ex is properly educated then he'll will continue to be fine with it. Take you-alls time. Just use protection and continue to take the anti-virals to reduce the risk. Don't let your anxiety rub off on him... He loves you, let him decide the choice he wants to make :-)

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Well if you only focus on the doom and gloom aspect you WILL scare him away... yes you want to send him info but be careful that you are not making this out to be something much bigger than it is... a nuisance skin condition in a really awkward place that 1:6 people has (genitally) and that 80% don't know they have... that can be controlled with anti-virals and safe sex practices


IE: Be careful of the self fulfilling prophecy... you believe he will pull away, you will set it up so he will. ;)

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Give it time. But love him enough to respect his choice. Some times the things we don't see as favorable are the better things for us. You want someone that will accept all aspects of you. And this is new to you as well as to him. You are probably bombarding him with information.

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Awesome... as Chanel said, be careful to not bombard your beau/potential beaus with info... when you disclose, give the person the basic facts and let them digest that, then answer their questions. Works a lot better that way so they can absorb it all and think things through more clearly.. :)

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I feel my initial outreak is finally healing up....it doesn't hurt near as bad and i was able to go for a run yesterday with no pain...I do have one question tho.......my outbreak looked more like cracks than blisters......and they didnt crust over and scab..they sorta just started healing and r mainly gone except for a few.......is that normal presentation of herpes? Or is the disease very individualized w each person?

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Omg...I have great news guys. My boyfriend and I had the talk...and he doesn't see me any differently he read the info and told me im beautiful no matter what and that he loves me just as I am. He said hes glad he is educated on it......and im worth the risk:) hes going to get tested too:)

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