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a little emotional, need encouragement...

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I was wondering if u guys had any encouraging words to offer me.

because u all are so strong, and helpfull, i need out of these tears.

i started dating this really awesome guy, i disclosed to him the 2 time we hung out, and hes super sweet and supportive.

my 2nd blood test came back possitve a feww days ago and i was absolutly ok with it.

And so is he.. wow right?

But today has been really horrible for some reason, my symptons of itchin and buring have cleared up, the small bumps are gone. Didnt have blisters tho.

I know i should be really happy because things seem to be clearing up, and the new bf is happy that we can have sex soon, and so am i.

but for some reason i cant help but feel really sad today, shitty day at work, put the dog down yesterday, and then this horrible thought...


if my ex and i never broke up 2 years ago, i wouldnt even have to had worried about getting h.

i know i shouldnt dwell, and ive been reading through all the info on this sight, its been helpfull thru the past 6 months...

but why am i suddenly thinking about a past relationship? We fought all the time.. 4yrs of it.. its good he n i arent together, and this new guy in my life is soo sweet and caring.. its just.. i dunno hard to think that if i was still with the ex i wouldnt have h.

And its weird cuz the past 2 months ive been fine with the idea that i might have it.. uhg

sorry for the long vent, im just really sad n need some encouraging words


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Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore. Turn away and slam the door.


Best advice I can give. The past is the past, and it's gone. It took me a long time to understand that. Relationships stay with us forever; but when they're over, your best choice is to let them go and move forward.


This new guy sounds pretty good. Give him a shot, and let your ex fade into the fabric of your past. It's hard to let relationships go because they shape who we are; but use those experiences to make this the best relationship you've ever had.


Good luck. Keep smiling. Keep loving. Keep learning. I've got a feeling you're in for an incredible experience.

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That's like holding a loaded pistol to your head thinking about "what if" I've thought the same thing about HPV "What if I took my mothers advice when she told me time and time again. Each person you have sex with you're having sex with everyone they ever had sex with." makes total sense now but didn't back then. What if I stayed in my abusive relationship that most likely would have lead into a domestic assault issue... if I had I wouldn't have HPV. But really that is satire when I say something like that... We can't undo what has been done. We can't suddenly become cured of our ailments. So there is no point thinking 'what if' nothing good can come of it.



I am sorry you lost your animal companion that's very difficult. Whenever we think about past relationships specifically the bad ones... we always seem to find a way to forget the bad and give the illusion of the "good". You found a man whose accepting of your condition and better yet is supportive and that is FANTASTIC! Take that loaded thought from your mind and release it let go of it and never let it affect you again.


There is too much in life for us to experience for us to do and to let something stupid like Herpes affect us... it doesn't earn nor deserve that much recognition. As many will say "Don't let Herpes Define you." Because it doesn't.



I hope the sex is a toe curling good time! Good luck :-)

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"Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda".... honey, hindsight is 20/20 vision ...but in your case, I'd say you need to put your reality glasses on... really. You think that having H is worse than living in an abusive relationship? What would you tell your best friend?


Every single experience is a life lesson. H tends to be a 400 level class with one hell of a lab attached to it ... and you can choose to immerse yourself into it and come out stronger, or you can just give in to sitting in the back and wishing you were back in the 200 level class where you learned that you had enough value to walk away from an abusive relationship. You've worked hard to get where you are. Don't go back......


But know that you are also mourning the loss of a companion ... and that will often pull the rug out from under your feet ... so be gentle on yourself, ok? Just take each day as it comes.


(((HUGS))) my friend...

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