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Question on HSV1 and Coldsores

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So I am 50/50. I have a large bump on my lip-line it started off as a small pin-size small bump which I thought to be an impacted pore and did the thing you're not supposed to and tried to pop it! Well it didn't pop and has become very large red and angry. It does have some sort of 'white head' to it but is sort of shaped like a boil... Now I have read I have looked and I have over-zealously researched all I could on HSV1 when I first learned about it. This bump is reacting like most pimples I've had and I have had one or two at the lip-line but have always had a soft top and this one does not. It has been here for about 2 weeks the swelling/reddening about only a week.


I'd like to get into the clinic to see if I can get a swab but I don't want to pay $30 for something that is seemingly a pimple. But since I've had no OB I know of it's one of those things....


Anyone have similar experience?

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Imo.. i think maybe it is a pimple that has gotten super irritated from trying to pop it when it wasnt ready to pop...

could be an ingrown hair that got infected, or maybe it has turned into a small boil?

You could always go just to the pharmacy somewhere and ask a pharmicist if abreva or medical blistex(chapstick) will help or not ... i always end up asking a pharmacist befor i go to the doc hah they seem more educated.... if its not hsv1 these items shouldnt bother you either..

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Well it seems time was all that I needed. Took a shower before my planned trip down to Walgreens. When I was looking at myself in the mirror I noticed a bit of something white on my lip and sure enough it was that PIMPLE! I guess the warm water made it break open and sure enough after some manipulation on my end a large amount of discharge came out followed by a bit of blood. In one aspect I am certainly relieved and another I am slapping myself upside the head for calling that quacking duck a dog.



So let this be a lesson to others who are concerned of with the same issue. Thanks again Willow.

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