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Herpes test: How long before results are conclusive?

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If someone was exposed to HSV-2 6 mos ago and HSV-1 daily but at 5 mos post exposure for HSV-2 they test positive for HSV-1 and negative for HSV-2, should they be retested? At what point post exposure are the results conclusive?

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I agree - one more test at the 6-7 month point wouldn't be a bad idea ...


What have your results numbers been?


That said there area plenty of people who live with a H+ partner for many many years and never get it. Did the person with H have a lesion, or were they asymptomatic? Have you been having symptoms?

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My test results were given to me over the phone with a simple you tested positive, no figures. I'm not even sure which test I was given. The person without h is male, I left that out, he received his results the same way.

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So this was before you knew you had it and you are wondering if he got it?


I'm guessing he's fine if he hasn't had any symptoms but if he just wants to be sure, I'd test after the 6 month period. He may want to call and ask what his numbers were in the negative result ... to have as a comparison to the future result. If the numbers are steady and under 3.5, or going down, I think its fair to say he's be considered H- .... if it's over 3.5 or going up, I'd keep an eye on it but it really sounds like he is likely ok.

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Yes, I thought it was over but as i researched online just general info I came across so much conflicting stuff in regards to testing and window periods. This has almost been more stressful than having it myself. My doctor is useless for any kind of info, so I'll ask here.


I'm asymptomatic and wondering about suppressive therapy for a future relationship. Is it possible that i could begin to experience symptoms if I go on Valtrex or something similar? I wanna do everything I can to limit my chances of passing it to someone in the future but I don't wanna screw myself over and start having outbreaks.

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Welllll.. given that Valtrex is an ANTI-VIRAL so it helps to suppress the virus, you shouldn't start to get symptoms on it ... you should just shed less than whatever is normal for you. Now some will have other symptoms like headache, tiredness, and such, but that is not unusual for many drugs in which case I'd say cut the pills in half and take smaller doses to start (it's how they get people on most anti-depressants) and build up over the course of a few weeks/month.


My *suggestion* to anyone entering a relationship is to take the anti-virals and use condoms to start. Once the relationship is firmly established, (and your partner has had plenty of time to research and get informed) then have a talk about how you want to proceed. There are MANY couples who are together a long time who don't use any precautions and the H- partner never gets it... they just practice common sense and don't play when there is *any* chance of an OB (at least, not down there ;) ).


Some Dr's still have this antiquated idea that as long as you don't have OB's you are ok. Fact is, most new cases are from people who have no symptoms at the time and many never even knew they had H. So if you are going in to ask for the anti-virals to protect a partner, take the print-out from the CDC (which they can't refute ... many wouldn't believe info from a site like this) and show them the facts (I'd underline and highlight them) under "How do people get herpes" http://www.cdc.gov/std/Herpes/STDFact-Herpes-detailed.htm ..... it states clearly there that most get H from asymptomatic shedding :/



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Thank you Dancer. I managed to get some acyclovir from the one doctor who knew something about shedding so I have it I just haven't started taking it since I haven't decided if I wanna take it at all or proceed with a new relationship. I'm kind of workin on me right now and enjoying the peace of not being in a relationship. I've been scaring the hell out of my friends because I don't want anyone else to go thru what i went thru. My first test results were given to me in the form of my former doctor's "interpretation" of my results. "Exposed but not infected and even still everyone tests positive for some form of herpes." Led to believe I had cold sores only to find out a year later when I finally realized when I said test me for everything didn't mean everything, I tested positive for hsv 2. I blamed myself for awhile for not following up and asking more questions but I was dealing with trichomonas, a uti, plan b and the end of a horrible relationship.


Thanks for the info, the more you know....

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Sounds like you are doing the right thing ... I took 3 yrs off dating and it was the best thing I've ever done for me. And go gentle on the friends... give them the handouts and just make sure they know that they need to ask the Dr for the test and SEE the results of a new partner. Make sure they understand that H isn't the end of the world but if you can avoid it, then do...... AND that with all the precautions in the world *some* people just get unlucky and if they are one of them, it's going to be ok and there's a wonderful forum that will take care of them ;)


And glad you made it through it all .. it's NOT your fault... you trusted the Dr's to do right by you and advise you properly. That said, I tell all people to do their homework and stand up for yourself if you feel that you are not getting the right advice/testing/whatever... BUT ... do it calmly and clearly or you will be labeled a nut job :P



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Lol I try to just stress that saying test me for everything doesn't mean everything. It's definitely not the end of the world, I still value myself and know things could be way worse. This site is a blessing in so many ways. I'm sure I'll have more questions to ask and maybe new info to share!

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If someone was exposed to HSV-2 6 mos ago and HSV-1 daily but at 5 mos post exposure for HSV-2 they test positive for HSV-1 and negative for HSV-2, should they be retested? At what point post exposure are the results conclusive?


What type of test did you take at 4months?

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