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Risk of female to male herpes transmission from touching?

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From what I've read the herpes virus can shed not only in the area of the outbreaks but the boxer short region. I've genital HSV2 for 2 years. My first outbreak was in the vaginal area (the lips where I could see with a mirror). I take suppressive therapy, Acyclovir 500mg twice a day. I'm not sure if I've had other outbreaks or if it's just red from being irritated (e.g, new soap, wearing a swimsuit too long) I do get frequent prodromal symptoms, tingling in the upper thigh area, when I'm under stress.


I thought the virus transmits from skin-to-skin contact through open cuts, microscopic tears, sores, or mucous membranes. And this is why it's easier for women to get herpes from men since our vagina and vulva have more mucous membrane area than a man's penis?


Is it possible for me to transmit the virus if a guy touches my upper thighs or butt or is stimulating me manually (including fingering - sorry for being graphic)? If the virus was on his hand and he touched his penis or other body part, would he get HSV2?

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Well given your prodromes affect the upper thigh I'm not sure .... I'd be careful there because prodromes mean you are likely shedding ... your butt, not likely as it doesn't seem affected. Fingering, yes, he should be careful there...esp if you are having any symptoms at all ... it means your body is fighting the virus. Hopefully your body will get a better grip on the virus over time - usually by 2 years your symptoms are getting less noticeable.


Yes - we get it easier because of the layers of thin skin that we have which make a perfect environment for the virus to hang while it's taking hold. Men can easily wash off the whole area.



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Terri Warren is a leading herpes expert and she has said you cannot shed from the butt or thighs unless there is a sore present. Skin is too thick. But you can shed asymptomatically from the genital area.

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