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Can I lay naked with my partner?

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I was diagnosed with HSV type 1 (Genitally) about two months ago; my first OB was extremely minor, I had 1 bump that literally looked like a pimple.


I'm currently seeing someone and I don't know if I can lay in bed naked and cuddle with them.. I'm so scared of transmitting this to him as he is unsure of his HSV1 status but assumes he is negative (he's going to get tested eventually).


So my question is, can I lay naked in bed with my partner and cuddle? Or should I wear boxers to protect him?

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Doesnt hurt to wear boxers just because (and especially with hsv2 not so much with hsv1) of tje viral shedding.

Are you on suppressive meds? The meds help with transmission rates too.

i lay naked wih my bf all the time, and weve had unprotected sex, sooo far he hasnt had a sympton, i just started the suppresive therapy meds with valtrex 1x 500mg daily, a couple weeks ago.


Personally i think u 2 should be just fine, but thats i.m.o.

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I decided against suppression meds.. they honestly just make me feel like garbage.. I talked to like 5 or 6 of my friends and 4 of them have had cold sores (type 1 hsv oral) said they don't use suppression and they kiss their partners and lay in bed naked with them; they kind of found it funny why I even asked if I can lay naked with my bf.


I guess I'm just overly cautious ? I mean if 75% - 80% of the population has hsv type 1, my bf could just as easily pick it up from a glass at a bar .. or his best friend who has oral hsv and they share drinks like all the time

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The vast majority of transmission is direct skin-to-skin contact. So as long as he's not rubbing up against the OB then you should be fine ... when it clears I wouldn't worry at all ... there are many discordant couples that have been together a long time and the H- person never gets it. That said, if he has a clod sore it's not a guarantee that he won't get H - it just will help him to fight it off better... but we DO have people on here who have H1 in both places.


The thing you have to understand is you are not a walking infectious disease now - you just have an area that you need to maintain and be aware of... if anything you will get better at taking care of your body and become more aware of your triggers (which means you are under stress). And that isn't a bad thing ;)


60% of young people have H1 oral by the time they are young adults so there's a chance he does have it ... but even so you do want to be cautious about having sex if there is *any* chance you are shedding/having an OB.... otherwise cuddle away. ;)



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