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1. - i personally dont think he re-infected u because u already have had it for 2 years which is plenty of time to build up ur own natual antibodies for the virus.


2.- it is VERY possible its just a different apot o.b. ive only had hsv2 for 6 months. But ive had symotons in 5 different areas, all different symptons too. because when u first get infected by the virus u can maybe usually have 1 or 2 spots of o.b. but maybe more spots of where the virus entered, thus once in a while having an o.b. in a different spot (but similar areas)


3.- you might have contracted hsv2, as its not impossible. It would just mean your asymptonmatic (wrong word? Sorry its late here) viral shedding is at a higher rate, (hsv1 *usually* sheds less)

I have no personal experience with both, just hsv2G, others on here do tho, hopefully they can put in their thoughts soon!


4.- im pretty sure that as long as the sore is present, even in healing stage they can do a swab test. The only other way is blood type specific hsv1 vs hsv2 but sometimes u have to wait anywhere from 12weeks to 6 months to get accurate blood test results. (My swab was h+ in jan, blood -in april, blood + in june.)


This is all i.m.o. tho, im still new and learning, hope this helps!


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Well, guess you just had a pretty big life lesson about drunk sex, eh?


So, just to help your (then) alcohol-addled brain out around one thing... he may not have known that he could pass H on to you (or anyone) with that cold sore so if you can contact him you may want to educate him about that... you can give him the handout from here to get him started....


So - to your questions


Yes it's *possible* you got it elsewhere ... either from him or as an extension of your original exposure...there will be no way to tell. Aaaannd, it's very possible you got HSV2 - while you have the antibodies for H1 (which also can give you *some* protection from H2) it's like having the antibodies to the Flu - it's no guarantee that it will keep you from getting it :(


As long as you have an open sore, it can be swabbed but you may or may not get a good catch of the virus if it's small. And you will want to get blood tested in 4-6 months as well just o be sure of what's going on...but if you are feeling "sick" in any way, I'd guess you got H2.


In which case you will need to let him know ... and while he *should* have told you, I think it's safe to say you were both very irresponsible if neither of you had any kind of conversation around STD's ..... and he may well be behind on his info on H (or mis-informed... there are many Dr's who are telling people that you can't pass H on w/o and OB) .. you won't know until you talk to him.... but it seems like you two need to have a talk - with luck, if he *does* have H2, he'll come out and be honest (assuming he knows he has it) and that would be your likely answer to what is going on..


My favorite bumper sticker says "Oh No, Not Another Life Lesson!" ... sounds like you need a copy of that one right now. Keep us posted about your results



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