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Suppressive therapy in the UK?

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Yes - sadly, you have to lie if you are not constantly having OB's, because the policy there is that they won't give them out unless you have several OB's a month. :(


The only other *possible* option is to go to a private GP and pay for them out of pocket. Don't know if that would work but you could look into it..


For those who want a Nationalized Healthcare System, take note of this conversation ... it's not as perfect as you may think it is. I've lived in the UK for 8 years and I've seen the downside, and this is one of them ... you can't always get the best or most latest health care for your issue :(

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Hi there, I am in the uk and have managed through a good understanding doctor! Dancer is right though you really gotta plead your case unless you find someone understanding! Keep going back and trying different doctors if you have no luck at first... oh and if all else fails Superdrug sell Acyclovir online but it's rather costly. Good luck :)

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It's ridiculous! Surely if it reduces OB and the chances of passing it to others then they should hand them out! My partner has had 7 OBs since he was diagnosed with H in December. After going to the docs today he has been given suppressives but for 2 months only? Is there any long term affects from using suppressive regularly?

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I was on it for 3 yrs and had no issues. The one thing I have read is if you already have kidney issues, you may have some problems there. But the drug has been around for over 20 yrs and I have yet to see anything out there that scares me about it and I'm not into taking drugs. I think you have a bigger chance of problems from taking Tylenol daily than the antivirals ... but I am not a Dr... so if you have concerns ask your Dr or pharmacist about their opinion.

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I was planning on moving to the UK (from australia), but this post is making me very nervous about it. I'm on suppressive valtrex and i'm not sure how I would feel not being able to get my hands on it, especially in terms of transmission to a partner.


How pricey Acyclovir from super drug and is it readily available without prescription???

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Hi @sunshine..., my doc only gives me two months at a time but renews the prescription when I ask.


Hi @lost250, Superdrug charge £49 GBP for 3 months ... There are different options just Google Superdrug and Acyclovir together!


Gum clinic might be more sympathetic if you cannot find an understanding doc, they are definitely better informed anyway!!

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