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RX confusion

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ok the doc I saw was a rather fast talker. she thought I wanted suppressive but when I told her id go episodic she told me she would have to rewrite the script. this was at planned parenthood and they give you the meds right there. so my bottle has 2 labels on it, one overlapping the other. the bottom one says 1 pill 3 x a day with (I cant read) the new one, for episodic says 1 pill a day x 5 days with symptoms. its 400 mg acyclovir. that's sounds reversed to me. shouldn't a suppressive be a smaller amount continuously to help your body and a episodic be a bigger does to get you thru it? I cant call and ask till tomorrow because its a holiday. I am wondering if im starting an OB because some odd back/side discomfort. id rather not take anything till I know better if its an OB or just paranoia and what im suppose to do rx wise.oh she also said it would be 2 episodes per bottle and there are 30 pills, 3 pills a day x 5 days = 30 pills or 1 pill a day x 30 days = 30 pills. she also said suppressive was 1 pill a day. PP is very busy down here, only one in a fairly populated county. thank god we are still a somewhat blue state and have them.

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I usually take 2 pills the first day and then one/day after for episodic ... the secret is to take it as soon as you think/feel something coming on. Studies back up my experience that if you get it within 72 hrs (preferably less) you can gain control a lot faster/better.


With Acyclovir you usually take 2 or 3 pills/day for supressive therapy because it doesn't stay in the system as long. So I think she got it right ... usually if you only need episodic your body has *some* ability to deal with it and just needs a little boost to help it along :)

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so. your saying at the first sign of anything to start taking the episodic. my issue you are aware of, lol is im not entirely sure what constitutes an OB yet. right now my lower right back has some tightness in it, has for 2 days now. is that an OB? add to it some occasional itchiness and a little headache. im prone to think it is but im also somewhat curious to let it go ( tho I don't really want to deal with an ob) so I can figure it out somewhat better. its been @ 3 weeks since my last one and this seems quick as I don't really recall any others than the last one and my first one almost a year ago, also the headache responded to decongestants as last time I had it I was having allergy attacks also. BUT its similar to the headache I had during my initial OB a weird random throb in the back of my head neck, actually made me flinch and didn't respond to advil. so im dealing with newbie issues here and the catch 22 of you need OBs to figure out what an OB is but no one wants to deal with OBs cause they suck. arggg. plus if im going to have to take episodic so often why not just go suppressive?

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My doctor out me on suppressive therapy and told me to take one 500mg valtrex a day.. But she said if I wanted, I could just keep it and load up when I'm having an OB.. I haven't quite gone down to 1 pull a day yet.. When I was diagnosed, they put me on 1g twice a day for 7 days.. So I finished that and now am trying to slowly wean down to 1 pill a day. I've been feeling a strange tingle/burn in one spot for a few days, but nothing's there yet. So I'm scared to go down to 1 pill right now.. Like you said, seeker, no one wants another OB.. But we will never give our bodies a chance to fight or learn what our OBs are like if we don't.. It really is a catch 22. I've also started taking a 1g lysine supplement too, just to see if it helps. Also, I'm having a TERRIBLE pain in my right shoulder.. To the point of not being able to lift my arm without shooting pains.. Not sure if that's prodrome or if I just hurt myself being mom lol! This is all just so stressful trying to figure out :-( good luck with your medication.. You really do have the choice to take it how you see fit, I suppose.

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Well you have said you are in construction I think so low back pain/tightness will be normal for you... so ... does it feel familiar? If so, it's not likely an OB. *However* ... if over time you notice that you have that tightness right before an OB, well, as they say "There's your sign"...LOL


You said your last OB was a year ago so I see no need for you to go on supressives unless you are entering a relationship. The symptoms you recall from the first OB was likely the "Herpes Flu symptoms" ... sounds like all your stuff now is normal life stuff...


Even if you get monthly mild OB's 'd say try episotic ... you only would be taking them 1-3 days a month and then your body is forced to generally keep it under control and all you do is help to nip any OB's in the bud really early.


I totally don't worry about OBs any more... I just deal with them when I get the "tingle" ... that's all the "prodrome" that I get.


If you are single then when is a better time to learn your prodromes than now? That way when you DO get hooked up you will be in a better place to protect your partner ;)


@Chinup - your shoulder is very very likely to just be a strain.... :)

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I broke down and took 1 this morning. the back pain didn't feel normal, more inside than musculature. I had my first and worst a year ago. I had 1 about 4 weeks ago and it was a few blisters, 1 at the base of my testes and 1 @ 3 inches below my navel. the navel one has acted weird. popped on its own, as did the other but the other just went away, the navel one discolored and has been that way since. it is healed up though. id rather be on episodic than suppressive unless in a relationship. it just seems odd because she gave me 30 pills but told me they only give 2 episodes worth for episodic. 1 pill for 5 days x 2 = 10 pills. im not complaining though, 30 pills for 17 sawbones aint bad.

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