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Suppressing future herpes outbreaks ...

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So I would like to say im coming to the end of my initial OB, or at least it would seem that way, and one thing thats been in my mind this whole time was not only "how do I get rid of this?" But more so "What can I do to lower my chances of another OB?"


I've come to the conclusion (even though this is only my initial OB) that stress is a huge factor... I tend to be very stressed out and an trying to work on that.


Taking acyclovir (the 3 a day for 10 days medication) I was given upon being diagnosed didn't seem to clear it up (today being day 7 and my blisters seem to be going away on their own since Ive heard how for a good bit of people who dont take meds and just deal with OB's naturally only go through it for about a week before its over) but who knows maybe the acyclovir helped but in my opinion didnt seem to do crap, and im not too sure on spending money on something to take regularly to prevent another OB when im not too sure of it working...


Another member WCSDancer mentioned oil (something starting with AM) or something like that (im sure she'll comment on this as she's been so helpful on all my post before :) ) to soothe the blisters and help get rid of them or help dry them up somethinf like that xant remember the details...


And ive also been seeing posts about lysine? Not too sure what thats all about but ill look into it sometime.


Anything cheap and affordable I can take daily or every few days to help lower chances of an OB? Preferably anything I wouldnt have to go through a doctor for so I can just pick some up from a Rite Aid or some other pharmacy if anything.

Ive come to terms that I most likely will have to have to wait until I get another OB before I can determine whats a personal trigger for mine to occur :/ not looking forward to that when the time comes...

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Yes - stress is the #1 factor in most H OBs (which can be physical, emotional, dietary, etc). Think of H as your "First Responder" when you need to deal with your life ;)


I just wrote blog on this subject ... I need to add L-Lysine but I want to write it in a way that is clear... for now, just take 1000mg/day ... it works like a charm for some, not at all for others, but it cant hurt to try :)





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generic, when I went to planned parenthood they gave me a sheet on lysine. it showed lysine abundant and deficient foods. it only seems to work for some, why who knows. I take 1000mg a day. 1 pill in am 1 with dinner. a good multi yay gummie vitamins and I drink a emergen-C daily ( I do that mainly because I work outdoors in florida). my OBs seem fairly mild, maybe because my initial almost killed me and gave me ( temporary) bells palsy the universe is balancing things out for me. some of my blisters have shown, popped and healed in a day, other show, pop and s

leave a red discoloration for 2 weeks, tho no scab after a couple days. go figure. llysine is @6$ a bottle of 500mg and it would last @ 40 days.

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Actually change of plans, I decided ill have the L lysine ready in case of a future OB, I want to see how long until another one occurs naturally without medication and depending how severe it is ill take meds or just see how it takes to fix itself.im not sure if thats a smart thing but seeing as im stuck with it for life I might as well understand how it works personally towards me

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Not sure if this is all in my head or if it works for anyone else, but I use the same thing you use on cold sore to help my OBs clear up. I usually take my Valtrex for a few days and use the cold sore cream and within a week I am usually feeling pretty good. I also use my OBs as my reminder to slow down, take care of myself and watch the stress. I use it as an excuse to baby myself, do whatever I want and do some retail therapy. I used to freak out every time I felt like I might have the signs of an OB. Now it's no big deal. It's no worse than getting the flu. It's not something I look forward to but if I have to go through it, that doesn't mean I need to suffer. :) I have tried Lysine but didn't see a real difference for me. I find my OBs are more connected to stress and hormones. Just before that time of the month my immunity is always down and if I am going to get sick either by flu or OB, that is usually when it happens so now that I aware, I just take more care. Everyone is different and so what works for one may not work for another. As time goes on, you get used to having herpes. We all have a choice in this. We can choose to let it break us down or we can choose to use it to build ourselves and others up. It's all an adjustment and that happens over time. As you said, it's not something that is going away, so you may as well figure out how to work with it. :)




Brenda xo

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