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Herpes outbreak gone BUT....

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Ok so recently I had one OB after another . It was only 2 sores right next to eachother . The last one is flat and basically gone except for a red spot it's left behind . It is still a little sore and stingy at times also.... I've never had an ob this long and it has never taken this long for the soreness/ sting to go away. Anyone else experience this ? I use tea tree oil and epsom salt baths and also have been wearing skirts and no underwear as much as I can. Any other suggestions ?

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Odds are it's summer heat that's making it last so long. Have you tried my Ammonium Alum suggestion (it's in the list I gave you... I also discussed it here




And you can get it here




It may sting a LOT when you dab it on but it should dry it right up

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There is no raised bump it's a completely flat red scar but still very sore to the touch. It still hurts certain ways I walk etc... So strange to me that something that is barely there and visible by the eye could still cause so much discomfort. Hoping neosporin heals it faster and helps it not to leave a scar . I will also try your suggestion . This outbreak has been the worst other than my first . I think it actually lasted longer. Ugh I just want to feel normal again.

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Ok, so I have never had an OB, but I continue to have tingling sensation on a daily basis. I am taking Valtrex daily, once a day 500MG as well as lysine when needed. I've changed my diet and everything. The only thing that truly helps is soaking in a hot tub of water with epsom salt. But after a while that wears off. My question is, how long will I continue to have daily issues, it's been since June when I received my positive results back for HSV2? Any suggestions, will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello and Welcome!


For a start, H doesn't play by any rules, so we can't give you a definite amount of time it will take to come under control.


So you've had H about 2 months? It takes the body a minimum of 4 months to get the antibodies up and running. For some, their body still manages to control it within one or two OB's, for others, they may struggle for months. HSV2 can take a little longer to get under control. And for us women, our periods can cause OB's ... if you find yours are starting right before your period, you can double up on the Valtrex for 3 days to help your body keep it down.


It's good that you are working with your diet, and the epsom salts baths are great too. The following links have a number of tips, tricks and hints ... hopefully at least one will give you a bit more relief. The more you can attack it from the outside, and manage your stress, the faster your body can control it.









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Hello, thank you. I was tested June of this year. The first three months have been horrible and I'm starting to feel a little normal now. My periods are an issue and cause more tingling than normal. I've never had a true OB, thank God for that. My doctor performed my pap smear and didn't see any OBs but I still asked her for the test.

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Hey Sonya! Sorry that you are experiencing that. But at least you aren't having a full blown ob. My last ob was a true pain in the ass. It's gone and just a red scar at this time but I'm expecting my period and it's killing me. I wish it would just heal and stop hurting already. I really don't know how much longer I can go on like this . I'm a teacher on my feet all day and this makes it really hard to get through my day. I put neosporin on last night and that seemed to aggravate it more . This sucks . Can't get into the Gyno till 9/22 bc I have my period this week. I wish this would finally end . It's been almost 2 mths . I'm over it. Physically and mentally drained .

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Exactly like Dancer said, the responses to herpes among different individuals are as different as they are. Different people form antibodies at different rates. It is a relatively safe bet that you will form antibodies by 4 months. If not, almost certainly by 6. Asymptomatic shedding tends to be highest during the first year after infection, and gradually lessens, until it stabilizes.

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