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herpes symptom vs in my head vs heat !?

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Tmi alert !


So had a super tiny little o.b. the other day, one or 2 spots near the ...clit, and ive been taking some lysine to help as im aleeady on suppressives, but now i feel some itching on the v lips, am i making this up? Is it just cuz the past 2 days have been warm? Or is this a back to back o.b. ? Any thoughts? Im only 9 months into being h+ so im still trying to learn my body.

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I feel for you willow. im in florida ( home of sweaty privates, oh and lots of bitey things), male and work outdoors. 1 month from diagnosis so in same boat. im beginning to think that it takes that itch, you know the one. you want to hit it with a hot poker to make it stop, to be an OB. I don't know. I don't know how much of this is in our heads, like going camping and 1 person finds a tick and everyone starts to itch. every freakin itch every bump in my mind is herpes related right now and all my "equipment" is external, I cant imagine what its like for you ladies. im ready to throw in the towel and declare myself off limits so I don't have to worry anymore. and that's only after 1 month.


and im learning there is almost no such thing as TMI here.


im going with the see how long this goes on approach right now. ive had itches come and I worried and they were gone the next day. I think you responded to my bump issue yesterday and hell its gone already. I don't know and that's what drives me batty with this, id be more comfortable if it had definitive symptoms and wasn't so damned wishy washy.

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I just thought of another thing willow. what ive tried to do recently is think, how would I approach this if I didn't know I had herpes? ie. I have a rash on my waist, been there for about a week, seems to respond to gold bond ointment. im in florida and its hot. I wear a tool belt. hmmm im guessing its not herpes but something related to the heat and my toolbelt and the pants I wear( some of which need to be retired truth be told).


of course im not in your shoes and herpes is a sneaky little bastard.

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I get the same and it usually turns out to be nothing. For me once I've had the OB or are getting to the end of it I am so aware I have a vagina that everything irritates it. I haven't yet worked out how much of it is in my mind.


Any hair will irritate me or even certain pairs of underwear. I usually try not to think about the worst case scenario of it being back to back and not stress that it is. Then I might take extra Lysine for a few days just in case and have baths as well, no salt at this point though ( I have over done the salt in the past). Also try to wear lose clothing when I can.


This usually works and the sensitivity is the OB ending for me, it kinda just runs it's course until it becomes as close to normal again. I'm in month 4 or 5 and things haven't felt "normal" since before it all started this is just because I'm aware of every little feeling in my vagina even when it's fine.


I'm not on suppressives but do a 5 day course if I have an OB so generally I just try to ride the itching out without panicking too much and things seem to calm down for me.


Maybe give it a couple more days and see how it goes.


Sorry it's not that helpful, each persons body is different.


Just try not to stress xx

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Thanks seeker and helzbelz88 !!


Its just one of those things right now, i mean im finally to the point where im not thinking about it al the time then bam! An o.b. and then bam! My mind is constantly thinking herpes. Uhg oh well, im hoping its just irritated from me looking down there so much haha and not another o.b. thanks for responding! Best part about this forum, is everyones support, and ear!

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About the rash on your waist - try adding an extra rinse to your wash and don't add any kind of softener ... you may even want to try a different brand because they may have something like lycra or latex-type content that is irritating you.


I used to get OB's on my stomach from the metal backing on the buttons on my jeans.... if I put nail polish on them it stopped it.. Sometimes it's one element of the fabric/design that irritates you :p

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