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I'm at my bar...

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8 days since I got the news. I'm here with my two best friends Jack and Daniel.


Naturally, there is a GORGEOUS ginger sitting next to me ( think Emma Stone) playing Keno ( I live in Vegas).


She's trying to make small talk... and I'm going to probably have to lie eventually and say I'm married. (It's easier than saying I'm very single, you're beautiful... but I just found out I'm all cruded up so I'm going home to jerk off wearing a haz-mat suit.) She's definitely not a working girl. I've been here long enough to peg those gals 1 mile away.


*sigh*... I lost 115lbs over the last 2 years. This was supposed to be year of "normalcy". God sure has a way of kicking you in the nuts sometimes.


Sleep well POS & NEG friends,


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I hear you bro. I lived a hedonistic type life. (post devastating divorce thing) had grown tired of it and had decided that's not who I want to be anymore. was at a pool party in my apartment complex and 2 beautiful women in their late 30s, 1 who literally took my breath were being friendly and checking me out. ( I was with my son and his friend and women love seeing a man playing with kids). im thinking my decision is a good one, fate is already rewarding me. 3 days later my results come in. needless to say it was a punch in the gut, no the solar plexis. it will get better, you wont feel so icky eventually, im not feeling it as much anymore. I almost lost it over the neurotic handwashing about 3 days post diagnosis. but I now don't freak out over every itch and bump outside my boxer zone, inside still make me think but at least whatever is going on there is hidden.


just be careful, don't glom onto someone too quickly. this thing magnifies so much.


Damn, a ginger too? I will admit to having a huge crush on the wendys girl, lol. look her up, they down play her in those commercials. and julianne moore.


and if you live in vegas, there are people far more "crudded up" than you will ever be due to herpes.

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Patience Grasshopper! You are still a little H-baby, learning how to walk with your new "friend".


Hows about using this time to talk to women and allowing yourself to just BE with them, learn to "see" them from a place other than a testosterone-driven haze. We have a number of guys on here who are thanking their Lucky H that they were forced to approach women in a whole different manner because they ended up finding a woman who is FAR more than they ever dreamed of in the end ;)


Let me tell you. I was in the presence of 6 men last weekend at the H Opp weekend who have raised the bar for me (and I think all the women there!) about what I will accept in a man. Never before have I felt so "SEEN" and valued from a man ... and there was nothing sexual about it ... but to know that there are men out there like that, who I can be vulnerable with and not be expected to jump in the sack with in return, was a beautiful thing.



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