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Is this oral HSV-2?


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Hi guys. Long story, hope you can be of help. Both for me and for a person that I hope I didn't cause harm to.


Here's the record of events:

- day zero: gave oral sex to a HSV2-positive girl morning of the 30th of August

-I was under the impression that it was a pretty safe act and I didn't get any warning signs until-

- 19 days later: oral/v.sex with a different girl morning of the 18th of September

- 19 days later: 2 bubbles noticed under tongue on the 18th, staying as bubbles and not transitioning into anything by the 23rd still, you can see one on the right bottom of the shot, there's a second one right next to it, they look like normal stuff that comes and goes under tongue, don't hurt, don't seep, have no reds spots, haven't popped in 5 days.

- 20/21 days later: spot under tongue noticed on the 19th or 20th, I think? Shown in the attached picture as the top highlighted spot.

- 22 days later: area behind right wisdom teeth - gum/inside mouth pain on the morning of the 21st, feeling of a cut in skin - small white spots spread out over that area - went away to normal skin by morning of the 22nd

-22 days later: hard white discharge (normal stuff I've had before/have pretty regularly) out of right tonsil on the evening of the 21st

ONLY THE RIGHT tonsil enflamed/hurty on the 22nd, but going away - again, something that's happened to me before

- 24 days after sex: tonsil pain pretty much gone


The initial encounter happened at the end of a long festival and I was run down, so my immune system was surely not at its best. Not sure if I exposed my crevices to air/cleaned them by drinking afterwards either. Can't attach image to post for some reason, so onto http://imgur.com/MDv5GpO,g2btACS,gekGtla it goes. You can see the first image and then two close-ups are there as well, for a total of three.


How I'm trying to keep myself calm-ish: It's 1% likely to attach in mouth... it took 2.5 weeks to show... the thing is not HSV-like (small, no red edges, not hurting, didn't blister)...



1. Does the attached picture look like a problem? It's not changed size, shape and doesn't hurt at all in 4 days. It's not a bubble and it's not a 'open sore' either - looks like there's a skin over the spot. I think in the beginning I felt the bubbles next to it and checked. I think it was covered by a light gray cover which easily rubbed off. In the area are 4/6 small spots grouped together in a square formation - like inflamed tastebuds - I can't take a good enough picture it seems - I think the last one in the album is the clearest one.

2. Did I put the girl #2 in danger is the biggest worry. I researched Oral HSV2 and because of low frequency of shedding partners are not in danger... but what if I exposed her because of a primary?!

3. I heard people on this forum talking about low chances of oral HSV2 - up to the point of 'it just doesn't happen.' Is there more data on this - because there's such a variance of opinions out there on the rest of the net.


Thanks a lot!

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In all honesty, the very best way to know is a swab test.


In my experience, i get clearish looking bumps about same size alway in one spot of roof of mouth, and my left cheek. Ill accidentally bite on the one i get in my cheek and then its gone. But i dont know what it is, or if its the same thing u are experiencing. If the bump itself doeant really bother u much id say no to o-hsv2.

But try a walkin clinic or make an apt for a swab!!


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Hello and Welcome!


So, several things:


#1 - I doubt VERY VERY much it's HSV2 from the 1st girl. only 1% of all oral herpes is HSV2 because it really, really doesn't like living in that area.


#2 - do you KNOW your HSV status? As in, are you sure that you have been tested for HSV? Odds are you have not unless you have asked specifically for the test - so it's possible that you could have HSV1 orally(or otherwise) and not know it. Now, I don't think that the issue you have would be that either as Oral Herpes generally prefers the outer part of the mouth, specifically the lips and sometimes the chin area but that's rare too.


#3 Most stuff inside the mouth is a canker sore - that comes from bacterial or fungal issues. Given the timing with girl #2, I'd say you might have gotten a fungal infection from her. You can try taking probiotics and swishing with REAL yogurt ... I had a fungal infection in my mouth recently after a cold and I cleared it in days with a yogurt from a local dairy that has LIVE acidophilus cultures in it.


#4 Your best bet to know what it is is to get it cultured .... which means getting to a local clinic and getting it swabbed. But don't wait too long because if it's starting to heal they won't be able to get anything from it


The information we give here has been verified from sources like the CDC, Westover Heights Clinic, and Dr Peter Leone who is a herpes specialist. These handouts and ebook have the synopsis of the information from these and other reliable sources that Adrial has researched




Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video





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Thank you for the reply, Ms. Dancer.


1. I keep hoping so.

2. I do not know my status. Never had any events/known encounters/symptoms, and I guess happier living with the eyes closed? I had a GF with oral HSV-1 a number of years ago, so it's quite possible I've that? I've never had any breakouts.

3. I've been eating Choibani yogurt since yesterday. Came across that suggestion online.

4. It is. Again, faced with the possible pain of reality vs. (and with oral hsv-2 there's no danger to others) burying head in sand. :/


Thanks again!

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happier living with the eyes closed?....burying head in sand.....


So would you rather find out once you passed it to someone else?? That's how the vast majority of H is passed - from the 80% of people who are unaware they have it :(


True if you have HSV2 oral odds are low, but still better to know.


And BTW, odds are you have oral HSV1 ;) ... 60% of young people have it by the time they are young adults ...I got it at about age 3 or 4 from another kid or a doting Auntie.

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Well, because it is (if it is) oral - hence isn't passable to others - so 'head in sand' is fine then, I'd think? It's not ideal, by any means, but I'm just being honest here. :(


Here's a question. Once I go in and get it swabbed - is a culture (so, a week+) the quickest way that I can get the result from the hospital? PCR can only be done on vaginal samples? I live in a pretty small town, doubt there's any fancy machinery here.


Thank you!

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Hi Hopenot,


Please call the Westover Heights Clinic at 503-226-6678, http://www.westoverheights.com/. They are probably one of the finest clinics for sexual health in the country. They've been in business for 30 years.


They will charge you $5.00 per minute for a phone consultation with an ACTUAL DOCTOR. Your anguish over health concerns would probably be worth a 20 minute, $100 phone consultation with an MD who sees dozens of people like you every week. Unfortunately your family MD probably thinks if the virus doesn't kill you, you don't have much to worry about. Truth is most general practitioners are not well-versed in STDs.


I went on multiple message boards asking questions / diagnosis about my specific HSV condition. I was told MANY different opinions. Finally, after of month of total confusion reading stuff on the web, I finally called the clinic.


My doctor, Lisa Taulbee, was compassionate, attentive, and told me facts about / which 90% of the people on Herpes message boards were misinformed. My error was not talking to actual doctors who specialized in your / my condition. Instead I went to message boards first looking for a diagnosis. Looking back, not a wise course of action.


My encouragement to everyone like you who is reading this post: CALL THE CLINIC FIRST TO RECEIVE A CONSULTATION, WISDOM AND DIRECTION, then come to cool forums like this for support.



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I agree that if you can afford the call to Westover Heights it's a great option ... if nothing else to put your mind at rest ... I always tell the "odd" (ie, difficult) cases to call them because we certainly can't diagnose here .. we can only postulate on possibilities based on what we know and have seen in our travels through the H maze.




Again, our policy here is that "head in the sand" is what gets most people here because that was the attitude of their partner...if you have never been tested then whatever this is is one issue ... but your (unknown) status, now that you know you could be asymptomatic and pass it to someone, means that if you decide to keep your head in the sand, their's a possibility that you would find out when some future partner comes to you asking your status ... which means you now have the burden of knowing that you *could* have been tested and taken appropriate precautions.....


Well, because it is (if it is) oral - hence isn't passable to others


Didn't say that if it was HSV2 oral is ISN'T passable to others. Now, the odds are really, really low, but just like the lottery, you never know if you might be shedding and pass it on, so you would at least want to be very, very careful with partners who have open sores (say from friction from sex) in their genitals, or whose immune system is severely compromised. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


Every lab has a different turn around time so I can't help you there :/


Check out these handouts and the e-book for info:


Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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Thank you guys. I would spend the $ for Westward Heights in an instant - but what new information can they tell me over the phone, without even seeing the spot of concern?


I understand the test situation. I will try to make an appointment at a local clinic tomorrow.

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WH would be more informed about the likelihood of that being H ... but I'd get the test done first to see if you already carry the virus. Now if you got it during these encounters then it won't show up, but at least you will know your status coming into those encounters. If you already had HSV2 odds are even less likely you would have gotten it orally ... and then you can give all that info to the person at Westover Heights if you want to call them to get their opinion.

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Soo, a bit of an update. I went out to the local health market and got both some pro-biotic and some natural yogurt at about noon yesterday. Today in the morning, the thing under the tongue has (gradually over the past 2 days with no popping or scarring) gone away. Still talking to W. Heights later today.

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Hey guys, an update from the 'herpes schedule'...


the spot under tongue has never gone away - never grown bigger either. Could it be the 'entry point'?


evening of the 25th, a single small clear bubble on the inside of the right cheek - 26 after exposure

morning of the 29th, go to the clinic, get convinced NOT to take the blood test - 30 ae

evening of the 29th, right after eating hot dinner, pain on the right lower gum - 30 ae

morning of the 30th, small open sores, white spots in that area. Gum hurts if touched, is okay otherwise. - 31 ae

spread out white spots on the roof of the mouth - unchanged from 9 days ago

evening of the 1st of October. White spots stayin the same, some perhaps slightly bigger? A tiny sore looks to be open right on the top of the removed wisdom tooth area - 32 ae

single bubble in the crevice between the right jaw and the right lower lip, morning of Oct. 2nd - 33 ae (think it was there for most of the preceding day, so -32 ae, actually)

bubble doesn't hurt...isn't filled with anything yet... but... I noticed it with my tongue and it's starting to look pretty similar to the pictures I've seen online. Not as well defined yet, but... wonder where it'll grow to. In combination with all the other symptoms... :/


major :(


Waking up early (if manage to go to sleep), going to the clinic, getting Igg done. F*ck.


One big question - with the symptoms coming on SOOOO EFFFING SLOOOOWLLYYY, is there a likelyhood that I didn't put the girl on day 19 in danger?

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Again, there is no way we can tell you if this is H2 ... we can only tell you that it is HIGHLY unlikely given both your symptoms and the fact that H2 doesn't like the mouth.


The reason they didn't want to do the Igg is likely they felt that if you were just exposed around August then it won't show up as Positive ... IF the Igg comes back + then you have had it for quite some time AND it's more likely that it's genital and the mouth ulcers are still something else.


Sorry that the culture results are not coming back faster ... right now I fear you are in a holding pattern until you get them.


Is it possible that something you are eating could be irritating your mouth? Things like Tomatoes, high acid candy, etc irritate my mouth sometimes. Strawberries, lemons, oranges, pineapples, apples, and figs cause issues for some.

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She didn't want to do the Igg b/c she's on the side of the fence that advocates using it for specific diagnostic purposes and not for no-symptom general information - and said that the sore under my tongue and a dot on my lip are "not HSV."


Culture 1 was taken with a cotton swab/wooden stick - doubt it'll be even valid. Came back 2 days later and that one was taken by a fellow that sort of knew what he was doing with a plastic stick and surely not cotton (as per westover heights manual). Neither were rubbed into the skin at all... so I wonder if there's anything to culture on them. And honestly... there's nothing on the skin that I'd call 'a sore' or 'a painful sore' - from which to get the culture from.


All the other pain/bubble symptoms aren't really bothering me/noticeable at the moment. Oh, my teeth have been hurting in the symptomy area - wonder if that's related/possibly causing a local infection.

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Remind her that 80% of the population has Herpes and 80% don't know they have it ... and even if you "just have HSV1 orally" ... it's worth knowing so you will be careful with Oral Sex :p And remember, if you got a HSV2+ Igg, it doesn't mean that the sores under your tongue.


And yes, the other dental issues could be causing this - you may want to try going to a dentist as well to see what they think

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um, tell the doctor that YOUR the client and she will give you whatever damned test you want. your paying for it. Man if a doctor told me I don't believe in using it for general testing id tell her to bugger off. what the hell else is an igg type specific for? esp with the number of people who carry but don't present?

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