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god and herpes

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First... i know i will stir the pot here with what im about to say...

second.... with what i am about to say is NOT MEANT TO BE CRUDE/RUDE/ OR DISRESPECTFUL!!!!


I do not believe in god, or jesus. I believe in mother nature, and that our souls are spiritual energy, circling the earth...

When i was younger i learned about christianity, i know a bit about jahovas witness and a bit about budha and egyptian gods. I have a point i promise...

ive been reading many posts, of which many are expressing their faith in god.

by all means pray! And keep your faith... im not asking anyone to stop or to stop posting religous related topics.


But what i cant understand for the life of me is why many people are expressing "why would god do this to me?"

Or "god will find us a cure..."


God didnt do this to you, a person did. Wether they knew or not isnt the point either. They are a person, a human being, and all humans are different, and as for God, he didnt create us to be the same, God wants all of us to have individuality!


As for "why would he let this happen to me?".. why wouldnt he? For most of us, with or without faith in religion, we were prob going through a very touchy issue to begin with before herpes said hello.

My favorite quote comes into play here..

-" If you ask god to make you stronger, or keep you strong, does he give you strength? Or instead does he give you the opportunity to be strong?" - what a perfect way for Him to express to you just how strong you CAN be! What a perfect way to prove to you, He will ALWAYS love you, and be by your side. A perfect way for Him to express to you that he doesnt give a rats ass if you have an std, he wants to share with you compassion, God doesnt judge, so why are you judging yourself?


@WCSDancer2010 's wingman theory then comes into play here as well, you might have been letting unkind souls into your life. Be it friends, or partners, and herpes helps us to guide them OUT of our lives! Good riddiance to bad attitudes!


As for a cure? Through God's guidance, a human *may* find a cure.

but for now, teach yourself to healthy ways of life. Through diet, relaxing remedies, and all sorts of other qualities herpes is trying to let you GAIN!

Patience, a cure *may* not come in your lifetime, keep faith in the human race, keep your faith in God, and *maybe* a cure will exist for the future, your children... your grandchildren.


Im not sure if this will help anyone, or piss u all off.

I just have learned so much about myself, and what it truly means to live, and i hope others see herpes as an opportunity to do the same!



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No, didn't piss me off. This from someone who went to catholic schools from 2nd grade on. I've come to doubt the bible being a true account of actual history. I do believe it has alot of good stories with good life lessons. The 10 commandments are excellent rules to try and live your life by. I for one don't believe God is involved in day to day life. If you do that's fine I won't try to convince you otherwise.

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well said....


to me, the fact that I got herpes just plainly convinced me that ther is God.( im not inferring that herpes is my punishment for what iv done in de past...far frm dat....if it is, hell yea, I would be excited cos I have the chance to make the most of it. unlike a dude who would jump into a trusted friend's car only to be crushed to death or somthn and never have a second chance to move on)...and I can only talk about herpes cos dat is what I am dealing with.


I realised ( initial couple of months) after my diagnose that, although I heard abt herpes, I never thought I could get one and even doubted its estimated percentages of infection given by dr's/ statisticians. Now here is the "reality" written in my ganglia.

with that, I convinced my self dat, no matter any doubt in my mind, there is a God who created everything( or mother nature for dat matter) despite de fact dat I don't have eyes to see him or the hsv virus either.


"I've come to doubt the bible being a true

account of actual history".....


well those that wrote de bible I remember added dat God guided dem to write whatever they wrote. As to de versions existing today, I can't say much on that but I think if God thinks any account is inaccurate, he would do something abt it.

again, I feel dat a lot will be up to us to find the reality/truth for ourselves when we seem to hav sm doubts about any account of it.


"why would god do this to me?" Or "god will find us a cure..."

what I hav observed is dat, any miracle that I read/hear God did in the bible were in my view done to either prove his point or directed to make his purpose happen.

and some of them were not done instantly. ( haha I can't remember any quote now, bt yea I think de Israelites went into exile for about 70 years before they were guided back home)

long story hur?

I also read that humans hav been searching for a herpes cure for about 60yrs now.

in any case I also found that its approximately 6040 yrs in 2014 since de first human walked de earth....well so if God has not involved himself in our day to day lives( such as the search for herpes cure) as we perceive even though we can't confirm the reality, and he has not killed any scientist who is daring ( or perhaps seized their apparatus),...

I don't think I can blame him for dat or think he is late in finding us a cure for herpes in 60 yrs or so.


I might have gone wayward on the point, but I personally feel that, our thoughts, doubts and perceptions on herpes cure or Gods intervention/existence might be quite different from the reality and they are definitely not capturing every deteil in the scene.( as we can only talk about evidences and data available to us which is different frm how a spirit being does things)


So as has been said ( and I agree) " pray as evthing is in Gods hands but Act as though they are in your hands" He can/will intervene in his own time.( and infact for every other worries).





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willow, I know im not offended by what you said. im pretty close to you in beliefs from what I read. I tend to call myself a spiritual humanist with paganistic tendencies. I read a saying from an old native American elder, " we did not argue about religion because that was between a man and his God" I tend to do my best to think that way. someones religion means no more to me than the color of their eyes, as long as they don't force it on me or tell me I am wrong, then the gloves come off. ive seen things in tis world that I couldn't explain so I don't poo poo the whole notion yet I tend to look for the rational and scientific explanation first. generally speaking, if your beliefs don't include hurting others or kicking puppies then im ok with it. ill even attend your celebrations and join whole heartedly, cause who doesn't like a good party????

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I believe in God very strongly and I love what you posted!!! It is so true... God didn't do this to us... He doesn't punish. And like Msmee said it could always be worse!!! Things happen for a reason. I don't believe God gave me H but now that I have it, I'm sure he plans something out for me. I have other conditions too that are way worse than H... I have a neurological disorder, which sadly I passed to my daughter, and I have chiari which is a malformation of my brain that causes headaches. There is a reason for this, who knows what it is yet. But in time all will be reviled. Thank you for such a wonderful post!!!

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I'm also a non-believer, but the last two months have shaken me a bit. I came out of a long-term relationship with a Christian girl around the start of the year. Reasons to do with distance, religion, family and others. I was persuaded several times to attend church, given a bible, asked to say grace etc but I was generally quite stubborn.


A few months later and at the first opportunity, I caught H from someone who was unaware of it. No going back now, but the thought has passed my mind that it was deserved somehow or even prayed upon me! Daft, I know - but I've always been guilty of over thinking things..

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